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Car hire in Boston

Hiring a car in Boston

The east coast of America has much to shout about, what with New York and Florida proving to be some of the most attractive places in the world for people to visit year after year. But they aren't the east's only wonderful destinations. A vibrant, lively and artistic city, Boston is a destination that is defined by its dedication and passion to sports and a fierce pride in being Bostonian.

Filled with fancy architecture and a really exciting atmosphere, Boston is a city that manages to feel both modern and traditional all at once, largely thanks to the mix of the young student population, their focus on the arts, and the locals who populate the many wonderful neighbourhoods Boston possesses. So whether you want to explore the arty side of Boston, experience its wonderful food options (coffee and donuts anyone?) or get into the sporty train of thought, there will be something to delight in this wonderfully diverse city.

What you need to know

Boston is a major city, and with many of its main attractions such as the university and sports arena located outside of the city centre, it's best to have a car hire to hand so that you can easily drive to them at your own convenience. The roads in the city itself can be quite busy, but it's always a fantastic idea to have a car to hand so that you can enjoy the best of what Boston as a whole has to offer. In winter in particular, the weather also gets very chilly, so you'll be very glad of that car when it comes to getting around!

No matter what kind of car you might want to drive when you come to Boston, you should make sure you choose to book through Holiday Autos. Our booking tool is simple to use and means that whether you want to hire a larger family car or a sportier little number, you can compare prices from more than 1,500 suppliers, meaning you will be able to easily get the best price from the most suitable supplier to fit your needs.

Where to pick up your car

When you come to Boston, you can pick up your car at Logan International Airport (BOS, where you will be able to get on the road in just a few minutes. Upon arrival, you will need to make your way outside the airport via the main entrance in order to hop onto the dedicated shuttle bus to the car hire offices. This is because all of the car rental offices are a couple of minutes from the terminal buildings so the shuttle bus saves you a walk.
Should you decide that you want to pick up your hire car from other loactions in the city, tour booking tool allows you to find one of the many car hire offices located around the city. Most of the major companies have offices in the centre of the city, with the majority of these very easy to find and reachable via short taxi rides.

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  • “The pick-up was easy, it took 5 minutes from arriving at the desk to driving out the car, and the return took even less time.”
    Diane T

Where to go

When you have picked up your keys, all that will remain is to decide where you want to go in Boston and beyond to make the most of your holiday and your hire car.

Nearby Boston

Hiring a car when you come to Boston means you unlock not only the city of Boston, but also Massachusetts as a whole, and even further afield, so it's a good idea to take advantage of this. There are many great little towns and cities located near Boston, including places like Rockport, just 55 minutes from Boston. The drive along the coast is beautiful and makes for an excellent trip on its own, while the town at the end has a lovely little harbour with rows of great shops and restaurants to indulge in.

Alternatively, just around a half hour north of Boston you can find one of the world's most infamous locations; Salem, where the witch trials led by youngster Abigail Williams saw innocent women tried and killed as witches. Today, Salem has museums and exhibitions that can teach you about this dark time, and it remains a wonderful nod to the past that is well worth a visit.

Longer drives

Of course, as well as having access to things nearby, one plus point of having a hire car when in Boston is the freedom to travel elsewhere and see what the USA has to offer. For example, why not cross state lines and head towards the smallest state of all. Providence, Rhode Island is a great little city to visit, offering some fantastic urban walks and wonderful theatres. All this just a little over an hour's drive from Boston? It's well worth the trip.

Or why not check out just how accurate those old comparisons of two great cities are? Sure, the drive to New York might take you four hours, but the chance to see some of the beautiful Massachusetts and Connecticut countryside along the way will make it worth it, and when you arrive, you can hit all the tourist sites, from the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building and see if Boston really is just a sleepier New York.

Top attractions to visit in Boston

Few cities in the world will offer you the chance to experience such a diverse mix of attractions as Boston does, and it's well worth taking some time to plan out just how you want to spend your time in the city and what you want to see.


Boston is just one of those cities where it's impossible to visit without getting at least a little pulled into the sports culture. Boston is one of the proudest sporting cities in North America, and the locals won't be slow to make you aware of that fact. With the most successful basketball team in the sport's history (Celtics) and one of the Original Six ice hockey outfits (Bruins) both playing out of TD Garden, it's well worth paying a visit to the arena to soak up the atmosphere, learn about the teams, and maybe even catch a game or two.

Harvard University

The original Ivy League college, Harvard is America's oldest and perhaps best known university, and it would be a shame for anyone coming to Boston to not at least spend some time on campus. Built in 1636, the university has some fantastic heritage, and some excellent architecture on site. Visitors should also try to get their picture taken with the statue of John Harvard, who all college hopefuls touch for good luck.

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

In what is one of the most defining moments in the history of the USA, in 1773, colonists dumped 342 chests of tea into Boston Harbour in what has become known as the Boston Tea Party ever since. Visitors to the city can learn how this event led to the Revolution in the nation and helped shape the America we know today. Griffin's Wharf has replicas of the ships that were present at the Tea Party, while an excellent museum at the site also tells the story of how it all happened over 200 years ago.