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Car hire in York

Hiring a car in York

Known in some parts as the unofficial capital of the north, York is one of England's oldest and most historic cities. The way in which the city has been protected over the centuries has also allowed it to become one of the most visited and indeed attractive places for tourists to come year after year.

With its tiny cobbled streets, beautiful centuries-old architecture and a veritable vault of stories to be told, York makes for an ideal holiday destination in England for anyone looking to capture the spirit of the past and see how people from days gone by in England lived their lives. No matter where you turn, there's a building, street or local with a story to tell.

What you need to know

York itself is mostly doable by foot, with many of the tourist attractions and hotels located in and around the compact little city centre. However, with the rest of Yorkshire on your doorstep, there's plenty to see, and travel between these places is more convenient and easier with a hired car.

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Where to pick up your car

There are a number of car hire providers with offices dotted around York, making it easy for you to pick up your vehicle when you arrive in the city so you can start your historic and cultural Yorkshire adventure. We can arrange for your keys and documents to be available when you arrive at your chosen provider so you can get on the road without delays.

For those flying into Yorkshire, you won't be coming into York itself, but the nearby Leeds-Bradford Airport (LBA). You can arrange to pick up your car keys in the arrivals hall of the airport, where many of the providers are.

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Where to go

Once you've collected the keys and picked up your hire car, the next step is to decide what you want to do and where you want to go in York and the surrounding areas to make the most of your visit.

Whether you want to see the historic side of York itself and learn why the Romans and Vikings loved the city so much, or if you want to travel further afield and look towards the natural beauty of the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District, you'll be sure to find something that's both a delight to behold and convenient to reach with your hire car.

Nearby York

One of the benefits of hiring a car in York from Holiday Autos is that the county of Yorkshire, the largest and greenest in England, is on your doorstep. No matter what you fancy seeing, you can reach it in short periods by heading out in your hire car. One such example is nearby Harrogate, which is only 50 minutes away. A beautiful little Victorian spa town, Harrogate is perfect for those who want to feel like they're experiencing the true essence of what it is to be English. Cosy little pubs, colourful gardens and a slower pace of life help make Harrogate a perfect place to spend a summer's day.

Another place you might want to visit near York that offers something a little different is the city of Leeds. West Yorkshire's major city, Leeds is a mere 35 minutes from York by car, and offers a range of exciting activities such as shopping at the Trinity Centre or Harvey Nichols, eating out at a range of fantastic restaurants, or visiting the famous Kirkgate Market, where Marks & Spencer originally started its life as a market stall.

Longer drives

While York is a fantastic place to visit, one of the major advantages of hiring a car when you visit the city is that you can see more of what Yorkshire has to offer, especially those a little further afield.

One must-see town in Yorkshire that anyone visiting York will have to drive to is Saltaire. A world heritage site, Saltaire is home to art galleries honouring local hero David Hockney, lovely little pubs and fantastic walks. Take a stroll along the canal on a sunny day and you'll see some of the most beautiful and unspoiled countryside in the whole of England. It really is a great place to spend a day just enjoying the quainter side of England.

Another place you have to head to when you visit York to see the beauty of the county is the Yorkshire Dales, a national park located in the Pennines. With rolling hills as far as the eye can see and fantastic little villages dotted throughout, the Dales has a reputation as one of the most scenic and picturesque places in the whole of England. Get those Instagram filters ready, because you'll want to spend all day making memories here.

Top attractions to visit in York

No trip to York will be complete without taking in the attractions and sights it has to offer, and when you have hired a car from Holiday Autos, the freedom to do so opens up many opportunities.


Whether you're sitting in one of the cosy little bars that line the narrow streets of York or being wowed by the majesty of the Theatre Royal, the architecture at every turn is a delight that you will never tire of. It's almost enough to set aside a day to simply walk the streets of the city and look at the quirky little buildings that seem to almost defy time, standing in place for century after century. Another way to see the architecture of the city is to go on one of the many boat rides that take you along the river, giving you the chance to see York's stunning buildings from an all-new angle.

York Minster

Symbolic of York as a whole, the cathedral of York Minster is the primary reason many people visit the city each year, and if you happen to be in York, you won't want to miss it. With history dating all the way back to the third century, York Minster has always been a part of the religious side of the city, and now the Gothic cathedral stands tall as one of the most impressive symbols of England's past. Visitors can come inside to see the vast and impressive structure of the cathedral, or view it from outside, where the iconic towers and windows can delight all on their own.

The Shambles

It seems almost odd to suggest people visit just a street in general, but the Shambles almost has to be seen to be believed. One of the narrowest streets you'll ever see, the buildings overhang the road and transport visitors back through history to a time when traders would have been haggling with customers and selling their wares here. The street also comes with superstitious surroundings, and it's believed that anyone who walks the length of the Shambles hand in hand with a loved one will enjoy good luck and happiness in the future.