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Car hire in Horsham

Car hire Horsham

Horsham is a traditional English market town in West Sussex, not far from Surrey. It lies on the junction of three main road routes, making it ideally well-connected to drive to and visit on a British break. Horsham is scenic and full of attractions, which is why it is so popular with tourists.

What I need to know

You shouldn't find it difficult to organise a Horsham car rental vehicle, as a number of providers operate nearby. To compare car hire before you go, visit our dedicated site to check the prices from more than 1,500 companies. We also offer free cancellation and customer support.

Where to pick up my car

The nearest airport to Horsham is London Gatwick (LGW) just 20 minutes' drive away, so it may be a good idea to collect your vehicle from there. London Heathrow is also only an hour away. However, you can also organise pick-up at various independent offices near the town, so check out our map for more details.

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  • “The pick-up was easy, it took 5 minutes from arriving at the desk to driving out the car, and the return took even less time.”
    Diane T

Where to go

Exploring the Horsham District will make for a wonderful holiday, as there's so much to see and do. You can enjoy the unspoilt countryside, view ancient buildings, sample local food, see special events and check out local entertainment - the list is endless. Having a car will allow you to really make the most of this picturesque place.

Nearby Horsham

There are plenty of attractions within easy reach of Horsham, including Leith Hill and the Surrey Hills around 20 minutes' drive away for hiking and mountain biking. You can also visit Leonardslee Gardens and Wakehurst Place, as well as Petworth House, all under an hour's drive away. It's about the same distance to Chichester, Lewes and Tunbridge Wells too.

Longer drives

You'll find plenty to explore a little further afield from Horsham, including Eastbourne around an hour and 15 minutes away. There's also Hastings, the site of the famous battle, an hour-and-a-half away, and Dover at around the same distance, where you can view the dazzling white cliffs.

Eating and drinking

There are a range of eateries in Horsham, with plenty of choice in the area around East Street, the Carfax and West Street, where you'll find everything from Italian to Tex Mex. You can also enjoy a host of traditional British pubs.

Things to do

It's fun for all the family in Horsham, with Warnham Local Nature Reserve, the Huxley Birds of Prey Centre and a pottery painting studio all on the doorstep. You can also find out all about the history of the area at the Horsham Museum.


Sightseeing in Horsham revolves around the central square or Carfax, but there's also the Causeway, which is a conservation area and full of old buildings. Here, you can see St Mary's Church and Shelley Fountain, named after the writer Mary Shelley and a beautiful, modern structure. There are also plenty of countryside vistas to admire too.


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