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Car hire in Taiwan

Car hire in Taiwan

Taiwan is an island nation off the coast of Asia, although China has a constitutional claim on it. This is also reflected in the culture and architecture, and the island offers endless fascination from its bustling capital Taipei to its fine mountain scenery. It is popular with western tourists, particularly from geographically close countries like Australia.

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Where to pick up my car

Car rental offices can be found in all the major cities, such as new Taipei City, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung. Many companies also serve airports such as Taipei Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) and Taichung Airport (RMQ), both of which serve the capital. Cars can also be hired on the mainly rural east coast.

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    Diane T

Where to go

The majority of international travellers will fly into one of the Taipei airports or one of the other large cities, all of which are arranged along the west coast of the island. This means touring the urban areas is a straightforward linear trip, but it also means there are wonderful rural areas inland.

​Nearby Taiwan

The speed limit is 100-110 kph on motorways and 80 or 90 kph on open roads, with urban speed limits of 40-50 kph. Look for signs indicating the local limit. Drivers must be at least 18, but there may be a surcharge on a hire car unless you are over 25.

Longer drives

Driving into the ​country offers a chance to see national parks like Yushan, Taroko and Xueba. The last of these include Xueshan, known to westerners as Mount Sylvia, the second highest mountain in the country. Beyond these national parks, the east coast offers tranquil beaches away from the crowds.

Yushan National Park

Yushan is the highest mountain on the island and is at the heart of its own national park in the south of the country. At nearly 4,000 metres in height it is permanently snow-capped and is a wonderful sight. Because of its elevation, however, only well-equipped and experienced climbers should attempt an ascent.

East Coast National Scenic Area

Motorists crossing the island can enjoy the wonders of the East Coast National Scenic Area. Take a boat trip to Green island, enjoy some local culture and engage in a bit of adventure sport like white water rafting. Alternatively, enjoy the peace and serenity of an unspoilt beach.

Taipei 101

Those who have started their visit elsewhere must see the capital Taipei, with Taipei 101 being a true highlight. This vast skyscraper is 449 metres in height, and equally impressive is the pagoda-style shape of the building. Visitors can take lifts as high as the 91st floor and enjoy the extraordinary views.