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Car hire in Menorca

Hiring a car in Menorca

There are lots of great car companies in Menorca including Atesa, Budget and Europcar.

Menorca is one of the three largest Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain, and undoubtedly the quietest of these.

Hiring a car gives you the chance to really explore the island and find for yourself the mysteries and wonders it has to offer.

The biggest road across the island is the Me-1, which runs from Mahon in the south-east all the way up to Ciutadella de Menorca in the north-west. The Me-12 goes from Mahon Airport (MAH) to Cala en Porter in the south-west, or you can travel along the Me-1 and then the Me-9 to reach Port d'Addaia in the north-east of the island.

What you need to know

Even though Menorca is a small island, you still have a choice of top-quality suppliers when it comes to selecting your hire car. As there is so many suppliers in Menorca cheap car hire should be easy to find. To get the most competitive price for your needs, you'll want to search on our website.

You can choose whichever vehicle will help to make your holiday perfect, from a sports car to a people carrier for all the family.

In addition, the 24/7 support and free cancellation means that even if your needs change, you can be confident that we can help you out.

Finding your car rental in Menorca

When you get to Menorca, whether by aeroplane or other means, you'll need to head to Mahon Airport (MAH) to pick up your car.

You can find the car hire desks conveniently located inside the arrivals hall. Just follow the signs, which have pictures of a key above a car, and you'll see each of the suppliers with their own desk ready to hand you the keys to your holiday vehicle.

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Car Hire Reviews Menorca

  • “The pick-up was easy, it took 5 minutes from arriving at the desk to driving out the car, and the return took even less time.”
    Diane T

Where to go

In contrast to its neighbours - Mallorca and Ibiza - Menorca is a low-key island, known for its endless beaches, hidden coves, quaint towns and scenic routes.

Having a hire car means that you have the freedom to travel across the entire island, from Mahon in the south-east all the way up to Ciutadella de Menorca in the north-west - and everywhere inbetween.

The beaches on Menorca are far superior to those on its neighbouring islands, so you're in for a treat when you're looking for the perfect place to relax with the sun, sea and sand.

You'll also find a number of different towns, each with their own Spanish charm, that are just waiting to amaze you with their unimaginable beauty and culture.

Nearby Menorca

There's a large number of beaches to choose from during your trip to Menorca, and you'll find that each of them offers a different atmosphere - so there really is something for everyone.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of the beaches on the island of Menorca have been awarded Blue Flag status, so the most difficult thing for you to do will be to choose which ones you'd like to visit.

If you're looking for something lively, then why not head to Punta Prima in the south or Santo Tomas on the west of the island? Alternatively, if you prefer something much more secluded, then Pregona in the north of Menorca is the beach for you. It's a bit of a hike to reach it, but when you do, you'll be rewarded with your own secluded paradise.

Longer drives

If you want to take a drive and explore the entirety of Menorca, then make sure to head to Ciutadella de Menorca. This is considered to be the most stunning of the island's towns, with winding cobbled streets, stunning views across the Mediterranean to the hills of nearby Mallorca and palaces lining the Plaça des Born, the old town’s main square.

From there, the drive down the coast to Cala en Bosc is just 15 minutes, but it truly is awe-inspiring. You can then follow the roads through the hillsides and head towards Arenal d'en Castell in the north-east, or down to Marina de Son Ganxo - the most southerly point of the island.

As the island is so small, you can reach almost any town within an hour, so you have plenty of time to make sure that you visit everywhere that you'd like to go, or to just explore and find the delights of the island on your own.

Top attractions to visit in Menorca
You'll find that having a hire car means you really get the chance to see everything that you want to and more in Menorca.

Eating and drinking

Much like mainland Spain, Menorca is known for its stunning tapas and freshly grilled meat and fish. Depending on when you're visiting the island, different types of fish will be on offer, as restaurants serve what the fishermen have caught that day. However, this means that you really can enjoy the freshest fish available.

It's a much quieter island than its neighbours, so you won't find yourself in a nightclub in Menorca, but there are a variety of bars, restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy sumptuous food and delicious wines (or any other drink you fancy) in the sun.

Things to do

There's no shortage of things to do in Menorca, from kayaking in the glistening blue sea, to shopping in the boutiques, souvenir stores and branded shops in Ciutadella de Menorca.

If you head inland then you can enjoy a tour of one of the island's wineries, or even the Xoriguer Gin Distillery in Mao.

And of course, the beaches are going to be a big part of your holiday. Kick back and relax in the sun with a good book and let yourself be immersed in the serene beauty that encapsulates the entire island of Menorca.


You'll see ancient monuments dotted across the island, some of which date back as far as 1000 BC. These are fascinating structures, so be sure to keep an eye out for them. Some of the best sites to spot these at are Trepucó, Talatí de Dalt and Torre d’en Galmés.

If you don't mind a bit of exercise, then a walk up Monte Toro will reward you with panoramic views across the entire island. You can also visit the small chapel at the top, which contains the Black Madonna.