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Car hire in Benidorm

Hiring a car in Benidorm

Once a tiny fishing village, Benidorm is now a hugely popular destination famed for its boisterous nightlife and extensive beaches - not to mention the popular television show that shares its name.

Behind the beaches sit palm tree-lined promenades, many bars and rows of skyscrapers. In fact, it once had the most high-rise buildings per capita in the world.

For a more chilled experience, head to the traditionally Spanish old town where you can explore the maze of cobbled streets, bars and restaurants. If you're looking for the lively side of Benidorm, then you'll be happy to know there's no shortage of bars and clubs filled with tourists having a great time.

What you need to know

If you're travelling to Benidorm, then the best place to collect your hire car is from the airport in Alicante. Being such a popular destination, there's a huge number of suppliers here - meaning you're sure to get a competitive price.

In addition, you can choose almost any specification of vehicle, so whether you're looking for a family car or something a bit more fancy - we've got it covered.

Be assured as well of the 24/7 support line and free cancellation options that we provide should you have any issues or your needs change.

Where to pick up your car

At Alicante airport (ALC) you'll see the suppliers desks right next to the arrivals hall. If you've booked in advance then it's as easy as collecting the keys, signing the paperwork and then driving off to enjoy your holiday.

If you haven't arranged a vehicle in advance then it can be fairly pricey, so it’s best to find the cheapest deal through our booking engine before you leave.

Your car will then be parked just two to three minutes away, so you can reach it easily and know that for the next week or two you're free to explore as much or as little of Spain as you'd like.

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  • “The pick-up was easy, it took 5 minutes from arriving at the desk to driving out the car, and the return took even less time.”
    Diane T

Where to go

One of the main attractions of Benidorm is the long stretches of beach that it has, which lead to rocky coves nearby and are surrounded by the Canfali hills.

For scuba enthusiasts, the coves offer an underwater realm filled with aquatic creatures, while a walk up the Canfali hills reveals panoramic views across Spain that truly do take your breath away.

The city's historic centre still retains much of its traditional Spanish architecture, with its most popular sight being the stunning blue-domed 18th century church. The white houses and picturesque alleyways add to the traditional Spanish character of the area, away from the skyscrapers that surround the area.

Nearby Benidorm

If you're looking to get away from the nightlife and explore more of the Spanish culture, then just 30 minutes away from Benidorm is Alicante. Overlooking the city you can see the Castle of Santa Barbara sitting at the top of Mount Benacantil.

Built in the 12th century, the castle has borne witness to sieges and battles that have taken place in the nation, and was even used as a prison throughout the 18th century.

Another example of Alicante's architectural brilliance is Gravina Palace, which was built at some point between 1748 and 1808. It's now home to the Gravina Museum of Fine Arts, which boasts a rich collection of Spanish artwork, as well as an auditorium and lounge which host exhibitions depicting the history of the building of the Gravina Palace.

Longer drives

If you're looking to travel a bit further and really make the most of hiring a car in Spain, then you won't be disappointed with the wide choice of destinations.

Just an hour's drive north you'll reach Valencia, Spain's third largest city, which is buzzing with thriving culture, gastronomic delights and a buzzing social scene.

This area is well known for its innovative building work. The city re-developed its flood-prone river into a green parkland that snakes through the city, with striking architectural delights including the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias.

The area is also surrounded by Huerta, huge areas of fruit and vegetable farmland that's well-known for the delicious paella it produces, as well as traditional spanish meats and cheeses.

Top attractions to visit in Benidorm

When you go on holiday to Benidorm, you want to be sure that you get to see all of the sights and attractions it has to offer.

Eating and drinking

Being an area that caters heavily for tourists, Benidorm offers a range of food and drink options, from traditional Spanish tapas dishes to British and American options.

When it comes to drinking, there's no end of places to go. In the old town, you can visit Spanish bars, restaurants and cafes and enjoy a quieter drink in the sun, surrounded by locals.

However, if you've come to Benidorm for its nightlife, then there's certainly no shortage of bars and nightclubs that are open all hours, and are largely frequented by tourists enjoying a holiday in the Spanish sunshine.

Things to do

Even if you've headed to Benidorm for its drinking culture, you won't want to miss out on seeing the old town, which is rich with Spanish influences.

The most popular area, however, is undoubtedly the two miles of beaches, with pure white sand and glistening sea. You can find a number of water sports along the beach, as well as plenty of bars and cafes to keep you fed and watered throughout the day and into the night.


The architecture in the old town really is something to be seen, and if you're keen to experience more traditional culture then the short drive into Alicante is a must. This area is extremely artistic, so there's no shortage of things to see and do that portray the rich Spanish culture.