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Car hire at Almeria Airport

Car hire at Almeria Airport

Almeria Airport (LEI) is an international airport serving Almeria and the south of Spain. It is located just 9km from the city centre on the AL-12 road, and is also accessible via the A-7 motorway. The airport is also on the coast, giving visitors the chance to soak up the sun right after landing.

What I need to know

Being a popular holiday destination has its advantages. Almeria Airport has a wide selection of car hire companies so they offer competitive rates. Use our website to compare car hire and find the best deal. So far, we’ve helped more than five million customers get the right car for them.

Where to pick up my car

Once you land, you can either pick up your car in the terminal or by taking a free shuttle bus. Everything is signposted and getting off at the right stop is straightforward. Almeria Airport car hire is incredibly simple. You just need to hand your information over and collect your keys, before setting off to enjoy your stay.

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Car Hire Reviews Almeria Airport

  • “The pick-up was easy, it took 5 minutes from arriving at the desk to driving out the car, and the return took even less time.”
    Diane T

Where to go

Almeria is on the southern coast of Spain, offering you beautiful beaches and warm weather. You can also see the mountains and national parks, with a number of trails ready to be explored. When you’ve had enough relaxation, you can head into the city of Almeria, where you can find bars and entertainment to suit all tastes.

Nearby Almeria Airport

Just 41km away from Almeria Airport along the A-92 is Paraje Natural Sierra Alhamilla, perfect for you if you love hiking and enjoying the mountains. If you’d like to explore a nature reserve, then end the day with a delicious meal by the beach, then you can drive down the AL-3115 to San Miguel de Cabo de Gata.

Longer drives

You can drive down the coastal road to get to Marbella, famous for being somewhere celebrities love to visit. You’ll pass through Malaga, another beautiful beach city, on the way. You could also visit Granada, a city known for its stunning architecture, including a hilltop fortress complex.

Eating and drinking

Almeria Airport opens up the culinary delights of southern Spain to you. Unsurprisingly, with the proximity to the sea, fish and other seafood is a top delicacy. You can educate your palate with the Spanish flavours and spices, while enjoying delicious local wines at beachside bars.

Things to do

Almeria Airport car rental allows you to do so much in the town of Almeria. You can visit the Museo Refugio de la Guerra Civil, where you can go into the underground tunnels that were used as air raid shelters during the war. If the sea is your passion, you can enjoy a boat tour, where you’ll see the coastline from the water.


You could head up to Conjunto Monumental de La Alcazaba, where unequalled views of Almeria await. Visiting the Cathedral of Almeria, you’ll see a gorgeous old building situated in a palm tree-lined square, where you can listen to the bells ring. The cove of Cala Raja offers crystal clear waters and fine, warm sand to sink your toes into.