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Hiring a car from Santiago airport Chile

Pick up your rental car in Santiago and take in this vibrant, colourful Chilean city which is full of life and warmth.

60-second guide to Santiago airport Chile

In its own head...

"Framed by magnificent snow-capped mountains our historic city boasts an array of resplendent landmarks, delicious restaurants and buzzing bars worthy of any great capital city."

...but more realistically

Many of city's rustic charms have been lost to the ravages of earthquakes and the spectacular setting can be obscured at times by the pall of smog, but dramatic scenery and ski resorts are a short drive away.

The vibe

Like any modern capital, home to more than 5 million residents Santiago has a youthful buzz about it with a general feeling that the up and coming city is yet to have its day.

The natives

There's no denying it's busy and bustling with more than 40 per cent of Chileans living in the greater Santiago area but the natives are a warm and welcoming bunch.

The climate

Santiago's climate is more Mediterranean summer than tropical warmth but at its peak the temperature will push 35°C so don't forget the sunscreen if you're visiting between November and March.

The local speciality

Like most South American cities Santiago is rightfully boastful of its beef. Every cut of cow, from rare rump steak to cow udders is on sale within the city and is considered a Chilean delicacy.

The celebrity

The internationally renowned South American poet, Pablo Neruda, was born and raised in Santiago. As was the famous US comedian, Horatio Sanz.

Did you know?

Santiago is the capital, and largest city in Chile.

They say...

“On a clear day, fresh after winter showers, Santiago basks in one of the most spectacular settings of any city in the world.” – Lonely Planet

5 to see in town...

1. Jardin Zoologico

This extensive park is home to more than 160 mammals, birds and reptiles including native species like condors and pumas as well as crowd-pleasing creatures like tigers and bears.

Where to park:

There is an onsite car park.

2. Catedral Metropolitana

Despite repeated damage in the city's incessant earthquakes, Catedral de Santiago, has been lovingly rebuilt and remodelled in a whimsical baroque style that is well worth a visit. It's the oldest, largest cathedral in the Americas.

Where to park:

3. Parque Metropolitano

“On a clear day, fresh after winter showers, Santiago basks in one of the most spectacular settings of any city in the world.” – Lonely Planet

Where to park:

4. Museum of National and Natural History

Originally built to showcase the biology and geography of Chile, the museum is one of the oldest natural history museums in America. A must for history buffs but the collection includes something for everyone.

Where to park:

5. Cementerio General

This atmospheric cemetery, surrounded by palm trees and lush gardens is the final resting place of all but two of Chile's former presidents as well as memorial to those who were 'disappeared' under Pinochet's regime.

Where to park:

Find free parking space in Echaurren.

and 4 to drive to...

1. Valle Nevado ski resort

Towering 3,000m (9,843ft) above sea level, Valle Nevado ski resort has some of the highest quality snow in Chile along with a host of hotels and restaurants perfect for a family break away.

How to get there:

Head north-eastwards out of the city and onto the G-21. The 19-mile journey should take around 45 minutes.

2. Cauquenes Hot Springs

If you're tired of the chilly slopes a two-hour drive from Santiago brings you to the Cauquenes Hot Springs, some of Chile's oldest thermal waters, which are reputed to provide relief from rheumatic and skin conditions. Prepare to leave feeling cleansed and invigorated.

How to get there:

Find the springs 73 miles south of Santiago.

3. Río Los Cipreses national reserve

The Andean landscape is full of contrasts from staggering peaks to luscious lagoons all on show throughout the Río Los Cipreses reserve. For the truly intrepid there's also the odd glacier to be found.

How to get there:

Los Cipreses are a mere 9 miles on from Cauquenes Hot Springs.

4. Ski Portillo

Originally formed by two railroad technicians with a penchant for winter sports, the slopes were built as a by-product of the Chilean railway in. It's a laid-back resort, but with child-friendly facilities and slopes that cater from never-evers to experts.

How to get there:

Ski Portillo is a two-hour drive from Santiago on thee International Highway.