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Hiring a car in Perth

Pick up your hire car at Perth airport and head for the bonza beaches and laid-back lifestyle of the Australian west coast.

60-second guide to Perth

in its own head

"We're the big city without the bustle, combining cultural sophistication with pristine beaches and a laid-back lifestyle. Sydney who?"

but more realistically

Cultural sophistication? Well, this is Australia and these things are all relative, but Perth has certainly seen a recent boom in trendy bars, restaurants, galleries and the beaches are, of course, stunning.

the vibe

There's a buzz. It's a popular university city, and it's huge on music and the arts too. Lots of popular Australian bands started out in Perth.

the natives

You may notice there's not that many of them - Perth is one of the most spacious big cities you're likely to come across. Those that are there are of the exuberantly friendly variety.

the weather

From December through until March it's steadily hot and dry - though a breeze known as the 'Fremantle Doctor' cools things down in the afternoons. Winters are mild.

the local speciality

You're in Oz, the sun is blistering down, you're outside. If that doesn't spell 'b-b-q', nothing does.

the celebrity

Heath Ledger, the star of The Dark Knight and Brokeback Mountain who tragically died in 2008, hailed from Perth.

did you know?

Perth was recently ranked as the fourth most liveable city in the world by The Economist.

they say

"The weather is fantastic, the beaches are clean and uncrowded, and the city is in a postcard-perfect setting." - www.westernaustralia.com

5 to see in town...

1. Swan River

Perth is defined by its gorgeous river, and from picnics on its banks to jet-skiing in the sun, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy it.

where to park?

There are a number of car parks around the Swan River, including the Plan Street open air car park that charges AUS$1.70 an hour, the Terrace Road open air car park (AUS$1.80 an hour) or the Farlances car park in Adelaide Terrace (AUS$3 for the first hour and a maximum of AUS$10 for up to 12 hours).

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2. His Majesty's Theatre

No, they haven't made an embarrassing mistake regarding The Queen - this theatre was named after King George VII and is home to the West Australian Opera and West Australian Ballet.

where to park?

You can park your hire car at either the His Majesty's car park in Murray Street for AUS$2.40 an hour, or at the Kings Street car park for AUS$1.80 an hour.

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3. Western Australian Museum

Don't be fooled by the rather uninspired name, this place is actually an engaging trip through Australian history, involving dinosaurs, fossils, butterflies and other good stuff.

where to park?

Free street parking is available on Beaufort Street on Sundays. On other days, park under the LISWA building off Francis Street.

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4. Bell Tower

One of the main attractions in the area, this tower looks as if it was built by aliens. That, of course, is the appeal.

where to park?

A limited number of parking bays are available in Barrack Square. If all the bays are full, you can park your hire car at the Point Fraser open air car park in Riverside Drive for AUS$1.80 an hour instead.

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5. Kings Park

A gigantic park, with a forest, flower gardens and some spectacular views of the city. Don't forget the camera, dads!

where to park?

There are numerous car parks scattered all over the park and by each entrance. They are free to use for all visitors of the park.

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and 4 to drive to...

1. The Round House, Fremantle

If, like most people, you haven't been to prison, then this is your chance to have a look at one. This was originally a jail when it was built, way back in 1830.

how to get there?

Head west out of the city centre onto the Stirling Highway - it's about 11 miles to Fremantle.

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2. Whiteman Park

You're in Australia and, no offence, you haven't seen a koala or kangeroo yet? Well, the wildlife park here is the place.

how to get there?

Take the Great Eastern Highway eastwards out of the city and then turn left onto the Tonkin Highway, which takes you into Whiteman. It's about 15 miles from the centre of Perth.

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3. York

One of the oldest towns in Australia. Admittedly that only dates it back to the 1830s, but it's been beautifully preserved as a real slice of history.

how to get there?

Head east out of the city on the Great Eastern Highway. Stay on it for around 60 miles and you'll find yourself in York.

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4. Serpentine National Park

A sublime destination for bushwalking - that's Aussie for 'walking in the countryside' - this park boasts waterfalls, woodland and a wide variety of birds and animals.

how to get there?

Go south from the city centre to join the Kwinana Freeway. After around 24 miles turn left onto the Mundijong Road, from where signs direct you to the Serpentine National Park.

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