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Hiring a car in Larnaca

Pick up your hire car and head for a city with more history than a whole series of Time Team.

60-second guide to Larnaca

in its own head

"If you're looking for a dreamy seaside resort complete with fine sandy beaches, glistening sea and sultry palm trees, come visit us!"

but more realistically

Yes, Larnaca is certainly a summer hotspot, with Irish theme pubs sitting alongside places of important archaeological value. It's a heady mix of old and new.

the vibe

The location is geared towards a decent sunshine holiday, so the vibe is a pretty relaxed one - great for a family holiday.

the natives

With so many foreigners hitting the beach and splashing the cash every summer, the 72,000 locals are very tourist friendly.

the weather

It's sweltering in the summer, as you'd expect, while winter daytime temperatures rarely go below 15 degrees.

the local speciality

Look out for tsamarella, bone-dried goat salted and cured with oregano. If that sounds scary, just stick with a kebab.

the celebrity

Zeno of Citium, a Stoic Philospher, was from Larnaca. Stoicism teaches that any form of passion is a mistake - though surely holidays are an exception?

did you know?

Lazarus, who according to the Bible was brought back to life by Jesus, was the Bishop of Larnaca between 45-63 AD.

they say

"Much smaller than Nicosia or Limassol, Larnaca has managed to retain a relaxed, leisurely atmosphere." - www.yourlarnaca.com

5 to see in town...

1. Ancient Kition

Around 3,000 years old and mostly buried beneath Larnaca, these are the remains of what was once the capital of Cyprus.

where to park?

There is free parking at the site itself.

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2. Church of Ayios Lazaros

This 9th century church reputedly houses the tomb of Lazarus, who was raised from the dead by Jesus.

where to park?

You can park your hire car on Ayiou Lazarou Street for 40 cents per hour.

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3. Larnaca District Archeological Museum

Ideal for a mooch around, the museum is home to impressive artefacts from the Roman Empire, and there's an excellent garden too.

where to park?

Park on Odos Kalograion, the road just outside the museum for just 40 cents per hour.

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4. Grand Mosque

Another hugely impressive religious building, this dates back to the 16th century and is still used for worship to this day.

where to park?

Park for free by the seafront on Piya Pasa.

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5. The Neolithic Settlement of Choirokoitia

This is in a much better state than your average Neolithic settlement, with five age-old family homes all shiny and reconstructed.

where to park?

You can park your hire car for free on Lefkosia Lemesos Road and then take a short walk to the site.

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and 4 to drive to...

1. Larnaca Salt Lake

This is an impressive network of lakes, which are home to a whopping 85 different breeds of water birds, including flamingos.

how to get there?

You can't miss the salt lake. It's just outside Larnaca, around a 10-minute journey on the B4.

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2. Underground Chapel of Ayia Phaneromeni

This eye-catching rock cavern supposedly has magical properties: an ability to cure headaches and ensure the safety of overseas lovers, for example.

how to get there?

You'll find the underground chapel between the monument of Zeno and the salt lake.

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3. The Hala Sultan Tekke

Another impressive sight, this is a historically significant mosque surrounded by palm trees and dreamy countryside.

how to get there?

The mosque is on the west bank of the salt lake, about five miles south-west of Larnaka. Head west on the B5, it should only take around 15 minutes to get there.

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4. The Kamares Aqueduct

This feat of engineering was built in 1746 and was in use until 1930. The 33 arches are illuminated at night.

how to get there?

The Kamares Aqueduct is located just outside Larnaca in the Kamares area on the Larnaca-Limassol road.

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