Hiring a car from Jersey airport

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Hiring a car from Jersey airport

This little island off the south coast of England and the northwest coast of France is a holiday haven, independent of both.

Why hire a car at Jersey Airport?

That all important first mile - driving out of Jersey Airport:

Jersey airport Q&A

Where are the car hire desks?

Throughout the year, car rental desks are situated in the arrivals hall. However, hiring a car in Jersey is very popular and during peak season, temporary desks can be found in the baggage reclaim area.

What should I buy at duty free?

Jersey is famed primarily for two things, its butter and its potatoes. However, if you don't want to travel home with a suitcase full of spuds, the island also produces great arts and handicrafts which are available from the World Duty Free store in the departures terminal.

Are there any cashpoints?

Jersey, much like Scotland and Ireland has its own currency - the Jersey Pound, which can be spent in England, just as Bank of England currency can be spent there. One cash machine dispensing local notes is available in the arrivals hall for travellers wanting to pay for goods the Jersey way.

Where's the best place to eat?

The Island Cafe cooks local produce fresh to order to give you one last taste of the island before you go home.

The secret tip

The islanders have a unique system for paying for car parking. Look for the 'Paycard' logo outside most garages, newsagents and tourism offices. Paycards work like scratchcards, just scratch off the number of hours you wish to park and display it on your dashboard. When the time is up, simply replace it with a new card.

Jersey airport the gateway to...

Plemont Beach

Distance: 6 miles

With 45 miles of coastline to explore, there are plenty of beaches and bays to relax, walk, barbeque or surf at. One of the most scenic is Plemont Beach on the north coast. With rock pools, caves and a waterfall to play in, the hours pass away easily here.

Corbiére Lightouse in St. Brelade

Distance: 4 miles

Forget the hairdryer, take a morning drive up to the Corbiére Lighthouse and get your hair styled by the sea breeze. Situated on a granite outcrop just off the southwestern tip of the island, this infamous spot has been photographed and painted by thousands of visitors since its erection in 1874. The lighthouse is only accessible at low tide, tours inside are conducted on set days throughout the year but booking is essential.

Elizabeth Castle

Distance: 9 miles

Located on the cusp of St.Helier, this castle has protected the island from invaders for over 300 years. Accessible by foot at low tide or ferry at high, the staff here are passionate about the island's history and will make this something of an adventure for you. Prepare to be entertained. Afterwards, head back into town for a bite to eat at the Merchant House Brasserie. Sit in the courtyard to get the best of the setting sun and the smell of local flowers before a beautifully British dinner. Delicious.