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Car hire in Naples

Hiring a car in Naples

The third oldest city in Italy, Naples offers you so much to do and see that you'll struggle to fit it all into your trip. A city known for its art, archaeological finds and stunning buildings, it's no wonder that Naples' historical centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

As well as amazing sites, Naples is renowned for its food. The area features volcanic soil that results in great crops, while the fact that the city is on the coast means you can choose from all the seafood you can think of.

Whatever you choose to do while in Naples, you can make your trip easier by hiring a car. This will let you see all that this beautiful city has to offer, as well as the surrounding area.

What you need to know

Around a dozen car hire companies operate in Naples, with different choices available depending on where you want to collect your vehicle. This means you have plenty of options in terms of the type of car and the price.

You can make it easier to find your car by using Holiday Autos' booking tool, which lays out all of the vehicles available for the dates of your trip with no hidden charges. You'll also get the peace of mind that comes with around the clock support and free cancellation, so you know you have options in case you need to change your plans.

Where to pick up your car

One of the easiest places to collect your car is Naples International Airport (NAP), as you can start your holiday as soon as you land. There are 12 car hire companies available, most of which have desks in the arrivals hall.

If you're arriving by rail from any other area of Italy, you can also collect your hire car from Mergellina Train Station. The station is central, so you can start exploring the city straight away. However, your choices for picking up from the train station are fewer compared to the airport.

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  • “The pick-up was easy, it took 5 minutes from arriving at the desk to driving out the car, and the return took even less time.”
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Where to go

Naples is a beautifully chaotic and vibrant city that is unlike anywhere else in Italy. The streets always seem to be full of excited and chattering locals and tourists that make it hard not to get swept up in the lively atmosphere. The smell of pizza and some of the best coffee in the country will follow you wherever you go, ensuring that all your senses are wrapped up in Naples.

As well as the general hustle and bustle of the city, the area also has some of the best historical sites and museums in Europe. From the archaeological museum that displays treasures from Pompeii to the amazingly picturesque churches and palaces, you'll have plenty to see and hiring a car can make it easier.

Nearby Naples

Close to the centre of Naples - in fact, it's just a 20 minute drive via Cesare Rosaroll - is the Capodimonte Royal Palace and Museum. Originally built as a hunting lodge for King Charles III, the palace became the home of the Farnese collection. You can view the huge array of portraits and the fine art of the National Gallery in the wonderfully ornate palace. Once you've taken it all in, head out to the beautiful park that surrounds it.

Those with an interest in history can't visit Naples without taking the 30-minute drive via the A3 toll road to the ruined city of Pompeii. Found at the base of Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii was covered in ash and pumice stone when the volcano erupted in 79 AD. Centuries of excavation has revealed the wonderfully preserved city that gives you a great look into Italy's past.

Longer drives

Just 50km from Naples is the little town of Sorrento - also called Surriento to the locals. South of the bay of Naples, the town is set in an idyllic location that is surrounded by beautiful orange groves and stunningly atmospheric cliffs. The laid back nature of the town means you can simply wander around and relax in the great location. Find a great little cafe and take in the views with a cup of rich coffee in hand.

Of course, you could also take a day trip to Rome, which is just over two hours away from Naples via the A1 and E45. You'll need the full day to take in all that Rome has to offer and could benefit from booking tours of the biggest tourist attractions - such as the Colosseum - in advance to avoid the queues. Head to the Spanish Steps or Trevi Fountain for great photo opportunities or simply people watch in one of the city's parks.

Top attractions in Naples

There is so much to experience in this vibrant city and hiring a car can allow you a great level of freedom so you can see as much as possible of what Naples has to offer.

Palazzo Reale

One of four palaces in the area of Naples, the Palazzo Reale is absolutely stunning and lets you see how the royalty of Italy used to live. Originally constructed in 1600, the palace was the residence of the Bourbon kings, who you can see in statue form along the facade. Not only is the palace amazing to view from outside, but the inside features ornate furniture, detailed tapestries and a whole host of historic artefacts that are worth exploring.

Santa Chiara

You'd never guess that the Monastery of Santa Chiara was built as a retreat for nuns if you judge it by the colourful Majolica tiles that cover 66 original columns in the cloister. Depicting lively images, the tiles set this monastery apart from others and offer you a really beautiful place to look around. There is also a lot more to see at Santa Chiara, including a Roman ruin which has an interesting discovery story.

San Domenico Maggiore

Built sometime around the year 1300, San Domenico Maggiore is one of the most gorgeous churches in the city. It features a wonderful collection of Early Renaissance work, with stunning architecture that is unlike any you have seen before. It also has an interesting history, being the place where Saint Thomas Aquinas studied. Grab your camera and be ready to fill it with photos of this amazing church.