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Hiring a car from Graz airport

Pick up your hire car at Graz airport and you're ready to explore Austria's vibrant cultural hub.

60-second guide to Graz airport

In its own head...

"Vienna might have a reputation as Austria's cultural hub, but in terms of nightlife and beauty, the capital has nothing on us!"

...but more realistically

Austria's second city is certainly a lively place, but as well as some cracking after-hours hotspots, its historic city centre is one of the best-preserved in Central Europe.

The vibe

There are six universities in the city, and the young student population helps to explain why the city has such a vibrant feel.

The natives

If you're visiting in winter, bring a bobble hat - temperatures usually drop below freezing. Summers can be pretty warm, though.

The weather

It might not be as cold as you’d expect. Annual temperatures average 8-10°C but pack extra socks anyway, it can get very cold at night-time and in winter.

The local speciality

A trip to any Austrian city wouldn't be complete without indulging in an apple strudel (a sweet pastry) or a wiener schnitzel (a slice of breaded veal).

The celebrity

Arnold Schwarzenegger bid "hasta la vista" to his hometown Graz back in the 1960s.

Did you know?

Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, the man whose assassination sparked off World War One, was born in Graz.

They say...

"Willkommen - Welcome - Benvenuto! No matter what language you speak, Graz will welcome you with an international smile and a hearty, Styrian 'Gruess Gott'!" - The Graz Tourist Board.

5 to see in town...

1. Schlossberg

Graz's enchanting hill-top castle is the sort of thing you'd expect to see in an illustrated book of fairytales, and it offers some spectacular views of the city.

Where to park:

Parking is available at PH Schlossberg in Sackstrasse 29, for around €3.40.

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2. Rathaus

The town hall is one of Graz's most striking sights and dominates the city's famous Hauptplatz. Grab a coffee at the open-air cafe and enjoy the grand building in all its majesty.

Where to park:

As it is within the city walls, there are plenty of places to park.

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3. Stadium Graz Liebenau

The city's football stadium was originally named after Arnold Schwarzenegger, and it's the home ground of the city's football team SK Sturm Graz.

Where to park:

There is a 650-space onsite car park.

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4. Burg complex

The gothic castle complex dates back to the 15th century, and these days it serves as the base for the local government.

Where to park:

Street parking is available.

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5. Garrison Museum

The Schlossberg has a fascinating history - back in the early 1800s it was attacked by Napoleonic forces. Find out all about the city's past at the castle's museum.

Where to park:

You can use the Schlossberg car park for €3.40.

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and 4 to drive to...

1. Alpenhaus Kesselfall

This beautiful national park looks like a setting straight out of The Sound Of Music, and while you may not see the von Trapp family dancing around, you'll definitely witness some breathtaking views.

How to get there:

Follow the A9, then merge onto the A1 - be aware that you may need money for the tolls as you enter Germany. Continue on the A8 and follow signs for Sachsenkam. The journey should take around four hours.

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2. Seiersberg

If all that foreign currency is burning a hole in your pocket, Seiersberg's Shopping City is the perfect place to spend it.

how to get there:

Head south-west on Joanneumring toward Schmiedg and take the B67c towards Grazer Bundesstr. Traffic depending, the journey should take no more than 15 minutes.

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3. Schoeckel Mountain

The largest mountain in the region is a great place to take a scenic hike. And if you're looking for an adrenaline rush, Schoeckel has its own tobogganing track.

How to get there:

Follow the A9 and take exit 165-Knoten Deutschfeistritz-Friesach for the S35, toward Peggau/Deutschfeistritz/Bruck/Mur. Follow signs for S35/Bruck an der Mur, then merge onto Brucker-Schnellstrasse/S35. The journey will take just over an hour.

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4. Austrian Open-Air Museum

The Austrian Open-Air Museum is set in the grounds of a 13th-century abbey, and its courtyard has remained unchanged since the mid-1800s.

How to get there:

Follow B67/Grazer Bundesstr, then exit onto the A9. Follow signs for Enzenbach. The journey should take no more than half an hour.

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