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Car hire in Stuttgart

Car hire in Stuttgart

Stuttgart is a bustling city in the Baden-Wurttemburg state of Germany and a great place to explore with your hire car. Its manufacturing heritage is celebrated at a number of museums, while it also has green spaces that are perfect for relaxing. Stuttgart’s proximity to the Bundesautobahn 81 makes connecting to the rest of the country easy.

What I need to know

As there are many car rental companies operating in Stuttgart, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the right vehicle for you. The best way to ensure you get a great deal is to compare car hire using our site. Not only will you be free of credit card fees, but you’ll also benefit from assistance 24-hours-a-day should you need it.

Where to pick up my car

The choice you make between hire cars in Stuttgart should take into account where you will pick your vehicle up, as each company offers a different location. This could be in downtown Stuttgart, a little further out or even at Stuttgart Airport (STR) depending on what will best suit your needs.

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  • “The pick-up was easy, it took 5 minutes from arriving at the desk to driving out the car, and the return took even less time.”
    Diane T

Where to go

Stuttgart is split into 23 city districts and each one has its own attractions. Like most cities, the majority of things that will interest tourists are located in the central parts of Stuttgart, but with your hire car, you’ll easily be able to reach outlying areas too.

Nearby Stuttgart

The historic city of Ulm is located just over an hour’s drive away from Stuttgart and is well worth a visit to see its beautiful minster and 16th-century astronomical clock. Don’t be confined solely to Germany, either, as the city of Strasbourg in France is actually closer to Stuttgart than the likes of Munich.

Longer drives

If you have a bit more time at your disposal, then definitely explore Munich. At two-and-a-half hour’s drive away, it’s more of a road trip to the capital of Bavaria. Climb up the tower of St Peter’s Church for views of the Marienplatz Square and a closer look at the glockenspiel on the Town Hall, which springs into action on the hour.

Eating and drinking

While you’ll have plenty of options when dining in Stuttgart, as there are restaurants featuring cuisine from all over the world, be sure to try some local dishes too. They tend to be fairly hearty, with an emphasis on meat and potatoes. The Black Forest also lies within the Baden-Wurttemberg region, so enjoy ham reared here and its infamous gateau.

Things to do

There are lots of museums that might interest you in Stuttgart and exploring the heritage of motor manufacturing in the city is just one possibility. Home to both Porsche and Mercedes-Benz, there are museums dedicated to both brands in the city. As well as displaying how cars have developed, there are plenty of models on display.


Schlossplatz is the place to go for some quality sightseeing, as this expansive square is home to many impressive buildings from the days of Stuttgart being a ducal and royal capital. Most notably, Neues Schloss, a baroque palace that was built in 1807 and home to several kings. Wander around the outside or head inside for a tour of its opulent interiors.