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Hiring a car from Copenhagen international airport

This Scandinavian city is hip, hospitable and historically rich. Pick up your hire car at Copenhagen airport and see for yourself.

60-second guide to Copenhagen international airport

in its own head

"Our chic boutiques, gourmet food scene and buzzing nightlife combine to make Copenhagen one of the most happening cities, not just in Europe, but on the face of the planet."

but more realistically

While the Danish capital is at the forefront of cutting-edge fashion and boasts enough uber trendy nightspots to rival any European city, don't forget to visit Copenhagen's historic spire-encompassed squares or take a trip down its winding canals.

the vibe

Copenhagen has a buzzing bohemian cafe culture, so there's plenty of chic coffee shops in which to pull up a designer chair and enjoy a cappuccino.

the natives

From the locals' immaculately tasteful dress sense to their designer litter bins, style means everything to these fashionable Danes.

the weather

Copenhagen is a winter wonderland between December and March, when most of the annual snowfall occurs. In summer, the pleasant weather provides the perfect opportunity to visit one of the city's spectacular beaches.

the local speciality

Danish food manufacturer Tulip produces around 50 million sausages every year, making the hot dog Copenhagen's number-one fast food snack. Speaking of piggy products, the country is also famed for its bacon.

the celebrity

Former model, Hollywood actress, ex-wife of Sylvester Stallone and one-time Celebrity Big Brother contestant Brigitte Nielsen was born in one of the city's suburbs.

did you know?

Copenhagen’s most famous landmark is the Little Mermaid statue which was erected in honour of Danish author Hans Christian Anderson after he published a fairytale of the same name in 1837.

they say

"I did not know a living soul anywhere in the big city; with a small bundle of clothes I walked in through the West Gate... acquired a small room after handing over my passport, and now - it seemed to me - I had reached the goal of my desires." - Hans Christian Andersen on arriving in Copenhagen

5 to see in town...

1. Strøget Shopping District

If you’re looking for souvenirs to take home or just a little retail therapy, visit Strøget and get your credit cards ready for a little abuse along this, the longest pedestrian shopping area in Europe.

where to park?

You can leave the hire car at the Q-Park Dronningens Tværgade on København Street. Make sure the boot is empty when you leave it, you’ll need the space when you get back.

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2. Amalienborg Palace

The winter home of the Danish royal family, these four splendid palaces in Copenhagen's city centre boast classical facades and rococo interiors. Even when the family are in residence, you can look around some of the regal chambers and see how the other half live.

where to park?

There is a car park on Toldbodgade, which runs alongside the waterfront.

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3. Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli has something for everyone. Depending on the time of year you can take a peaceful stroll around its spectacular floral gardens, check out one of the many summer concerts or enjoy an adrenaline-fuelled ride at its hair-raising fairground.

where to park?

Tivoli has an on-site car park.

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4. National Museum

If you want to experience a rich slice of Danish cultural pie, visit this intriguing museum in the centre of the city.

where to park?

Metered street parking is available in the city centre and the inner bridge areas (known as Indre Brokvarterer) from 8am-5pm Monday to Saturday.

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5. Rosenborg Castle

If walls could speak, Copenhagen's 15th-century castle would tell the tale of 300 years worth of royal goings-on. Take a tour and check out the lavish regal artefacts, including the sparkling crown jewels.

where to park?

There is a multi-storey car park on nearby Oster Farimagsgade, which costs from £1

and 4 to drive to...

1. Roskilde

The ancient city of Roskilde houses a 12th-century cathedral and the amazingly well-preserved remains of five Viking long ships. In summer, rock fans flock to Roskilde for the city's annual music festival.

how to get there?

Roughly 30 minutes from Copenhagen, follow Route 21 west and take exit 10 for Roskilde.

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2. Frederiksborg Castle

On an island in the middle of a lake in Hillerod is the breathtakingly ornate Frederiksborg Castle comprising, alongside its architectural treasures, a permanent collection of historic paintings and a baroque garden.

how to get there?

Take Routes 16 and 6 (following signs to Hillerod), turn right at Route 233 and continue along Roskildevej. The castle is 27-miles north of Copenhagen.

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3. Kronborg Castle

Kronborg is best known as the setting for Shakespeare's masterpiece, Hamlet. The tragedy has been performed at the castle a number of times over the years, but if you're not lucky enough to catch a production of the play, you can still enjoy a stroll around the Renaissance fortress.

how to get there?

Just 30 miles from the capital, follow Route 19 north and merge with the E47/E55. Turn left onto Route 1 at Traekbanen and continue onto Kronborgvej.

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4. Thy National Park

If it's peace and tranquility you're after, head to the wide, open spaces of the Thy National Park. The Danish wilderness apparently experiences more sunlight hours than anywhere else in the country and is home to some of the cleanest lakes you're ever likely to see.

how to get there?

Situated on the west coast of Jutland, the park is around a four-hour drive from Copenhagen. Take the E20, merging with Route 18 towards Herning. Route 11 leads to the southern end of the park.

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