Hiring a car in Canada

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Hiring a car in Canada

Canada has more scenic drives than you can shake a stick at so car rental is a great idea. Remember, booking Canada car hire will involve driving on the other side of the road. Hectic. Book car hire Canada, a GPS and head out on the open road. Don't get too carried away though, Canada boasts the world's longest national road, spans six time zones and borders three of the world's four oceans. Exhausting.

60-second guide to Canada

In its own head...

We are the nicest, most welcoming and tolerant nation in the world. That’s why people who come here, come back

...but more realistically

There may be some truth in this, according to several polls Canadians are, as a whole, very open to visitors from the outside world and considerate of their neighbours within it. It’s a huge place, which has so much to offer that return trips are inevitable; hiring a car in Canada means you can make the most of every visit.

The vibe

Relaxed and friendly is the only way to be if you’re going to fit in here.

The natives

The people of Canada are laid back and liberal. That’s why they invented things like roller-skates, Superman, the snowmobile and the Wonderbra.

The weather

Canada is a huge country that stretches across six different time zones so the climate varies considerably. Research the towns you intend to visit carefully and the time of year you intend to travel. That way you’ll know whether to pack a cardigan, a kagool, or a compilation of layers.

The local speciality

You must try a portion of Poutine. Although there are variations, this dish generally consists of crispy french fries topped with cold, fresh, cheese curd and a generous slop of hot gravy. Yum.

The celebrity

World famous warblers, Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne and Alanis Morissette all come from Canada.

Did you know?

At 383 miles long, Lake Superior which crosses the boundary between Canada and America is the largest in the world.

They say...

"Sighs alternate with gawps at the white-dipped mountains, mist-cloaked seascapes and epic northern roadways." - Lonely Planet

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Top driving tip

Watch your speed in built-up areas. The police radars are out to get you.


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Top driving tip

There are no right turn on red lights.


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Top driving tip

It's illegal not to have your headlights on during the day in British Columbia.


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Top driving tip

Turn your headlights on, whatever the time of day.


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