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Hiring a car from Brisbane airport

Pick up your hire car at Brisbane airport, explore this laid-back city and make your way to the beach heaven that is the Gold Coast.

60-second guide to Brisbane airport

in its own head

"We've got rainforest in the backyard, beaches out front and in between a city of bright lights and laid-back urbanites."

but more realistically

Brisbane certainly has some enviable natural assets with several national parks nearby and a coastline that'll make you think you've died and gone to beach heaven.

the vibe

It looks like a big city, it has everything you'd expect from a big city, but they take everything at a relaxed, small town pace. So just chill.

the natives

Brisbane may be Australia's third biggest city and Queensland's commercial heart, but the locals aren't aggressive business types, they'd rather be waxing their surfboards.

the weather

Hot, hot, hot. From November to March you'll need a bucket-load of suntan lotion. It's less oven-like the rest of the year and drier too.

the local speciality

Asian and Mediterranean influences vie for your attention in Brisbane. Moreton Bay Bugs, however, are what Brisbane is famous for. These crustaceans are a type of slipper lobster.

the celebrity

Peter Doherty. No, not that one, the one who won a Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1996, and was named Australian of the Year in 1997.

did you know?

During the Second World War General Douglas MacArthur made Brisbane the General Headquarters for operations in the Southwest Pacific Area.

they say

"Beautiful one day, perfect the next", and that's just the weather according to brisbane-australia.com. The city itself is an "undulating expanse that is truly something to marvel at".

5 to see in town...

1. Queen Street Mall

Every holiday should include a little retail therapy and in Brisbane, this is the place to do it. Over 26 million visitors a year enjoy the shops, restaurants and street entertainment.

where to park?

You won’t have any trouble finding a space to park your rental car in Brisbane, street parking and multi-storeys are widely available.

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2. Queensland Performing Arts Centre

You could spend all day getting cultured here. In these high-brow surroundings you can catch a show, go to a gallery, do a bit of shopping and have a bite to eat.

where to park?

Use the QPAC car park on Melbourne Street for $12 per visit.

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3. Wheel of Brisbane

Every city worth its salt has a ferris wheel these days. And this one is the best place to go for a panoramic view of Brisbane.

where to park?

Use the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre car park with a starting price of $13 for a stay of up to six hours.

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4. Story Bridge Adventure Climb

Scale the city's iconic bridge for some more great views and a healthy dose of exercise. Probably not for the vertigo sufferers among you.

where to park?

Parking is available on both Wharf and Main streets.

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5. Roma Street Parkland

This huge subtropical garden slap bang in the middle of Brisbane is home to waterways, rocky outcrops and sculptures by local artists. You'll forget you're surrounded by a city.

where to park?

There is a car park area for motorists, with road access from the intersection between Wickham Terrace, College Road and Gregory Terrace.

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and 4 to drive to...

1. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Ever wanted to cuddle a bear? Well this is your chance. There are over 130 koalas at this sanctuary just desperate for a hug.

how to get there?

Head out of the city on Milton Road (Route 32) and then the Western Freeway (Number 5). Take the Fig Tree Pocket exit and you'll see the signs for Lone Pine. It's about eight miles out of the city.

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2. Gold Coast beaches

Sand has never been so sexy. The beaches along this coastline will make you swoon and then reach for a surfboard. Explore them.

how to get there?

Head south from the city to the Pacific Motorway (1) and you'll see the signs for the Gold Coast Highway (number 2). Surfers Paradise is only 50 miles away.

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3. Wild dolphins, Tangalooma

Everyone loves a dolphin! You can't deny it. But even if you don't fancy frolicking with Flipper this island is worth visiting for its beaches and national parks.

how to get there?

Many launches leave from the Holt St Wharf in Pinkenba, approximately 15 minutes from Brisbane Airport and the City Centre. Go down Kingsford Smith Drive then, approximately a mile past the Gateway Motorway overpass, turn right into Holt Street and follow to the end.

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4. Tropical Fruit World

Eat fruit, drink fruit, feed it to animals or smear it on your skin. This place proves there's a whole lot more to the stuff than having an apple a day.

how to get there?

It's a couple of hours' drive from Brisbane; just follow the Pacific Highway south to the Gold Coast Airport then remain on the highway for a further 10 minutes. Take the Murwullimbah Exit 40, then simply follow the signs.

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