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Hiring a car in Las Vegas

Deep in the Nevada desert, it would be hard to believe some decades ago that there would ever be a city that embodies what it means to be alive and embrace the moment. Known worldwide as being the greatest escape from everyday life, Las Vegas has cemented its place as the party centre of the world in recent years, home to bachelor parties, impromptu weddings and casino games that go on long into the night.

Sin City, as it has become known, is all about being brash and over the top. Everywhere seems to shine and everything is lined with lights and jewels in a city where indulgence is the order of the day, topped with a little bit of variety. Where else in the world could you have a quiet breakfast in the shade of the Eiffel Tower, before heading off to see an erupting volcano at dinner and closing out the night with a show in the heart of Italy? Las Vegas is one of those must-see cities that creates both hangovers and dreams in one fell swoop, and it makes for the perfect holiday.

What you need to know

Due to its location in the middle of the Nevada desert, Las Vegas is one of the hottest and driest places you will find anywhere in America. In the peak tourist months in the height of summer, temperatures in the city can get as high as the high 30s and low 40s, so it's always best to have a car to hand to help you get around comfortably, as walking any great distance will leave you feeling tired and potentially badly sunburned. There's also free parking around most of the city, which means driving around the attractions is not only easy, but cheap too!

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Where to pick up your car

When you are flying to Las Vegas, you will arrive in the city via McCarran International Airport (LAS). Located just five miles from the centre of the city itself, it makes for an easy location from where to find your way into Las Vegas once you have collected your hire car and get onto the road.

Rental cars at McCarran Airport are not located on the site itself, so you will need to head away from the airport to the dedicated Rent-A-Car Center in order to collect your vehicle. To find the shuttle buses that take you to the centre, free of charge, just follow signs to Ground Transportation on Level 1 or Level Zero, depending on what terminal you arrive at, and head towards doors 10 and 11 to find the access point for shuttle pick up.

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  • “The pick-up was easy, it took 5 minutes from arriving at the desk to driving out the car, and the return took even less time.”
    Diane T

Where to go

As soon as you arrive in Las Vegas and have picked up your vehicle, you will be set to go. So where will you go first and what will you choose to do? No matter what your preference, Sin City will have something to entice and delight throughout your stay.

Driving in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city that is just begging to be driven in. Despite the fact there's so much drinking going on in the city in general, the road network within it is just perfect for those who are not having a tipple, allowing you to travel from attraction to attraction with ease. It's all well signposted (they know the places you want to see), and reasonably quiet on the roads, so it's easy to drive.

In addition to this, parking is free throughout the city of Las Vegas, or at least in most places, which means not having to worry about the extortionate cost of leaving your hire car somewhere like is so common in many of the tourist hotspots across the world.

Longer drives

Las Vegas, thanks to its desert location, is far away from almost everything, so you'll be glad that you have a car to hand when you want to get away from the city's opulence for a little while and see something a little different. One brilliant place to head is to the Grand Canyon, located five hours from Las Vegas. The biggest man made canyon on earth, the sheer scale of the Grand Canyon is hard to believe until you see it. It's a trip everyone in Vegas has to make at some point, and it's truly one of the very best places on earth to head to and see.

And if journeys into the desert are your thing, another spectacular place to head to is Death Valley. Located about three hours away from Vegas, Death Valley is known for being one of the driest places in the world, where little can survive (hence the name). The scenery is eerily bare here, which in itself is an amazing sight to see, but the real gem of Death Valley is Artist Drive, where the rocks have been stained by minerals, creating some magical colours amid a rather bare setting.

Top attractions to visit in Las Vegas

Sin City has so much to see and do that for those who don't plan in advance, it's easy to get blinded by the lights. No matter your tastes, there will be plenty to keep you busy, and choosing in advance will mean you can plan the very best holiday possible.

Caesars Palace

Home of the spectacular, this hotel is as wonderful to look at from the outside as it is inside. Located at the centre of the Strip, Caesars Palace has been home to the stars for many a year. Elton John, Celine Dion and a host of other music stars have made the stage in this ornate hotel their own, while it has also hosted a range of other events, including fights from the best of all time, Muhammad Ali.


Of all the glamorous shows that are choreographed and hosted in Las Vegas, it's quite ironic that one of the best contains no people or animals at all. The Bellagio's fountains are famous for being one of the most spectacular parts of the city, and it's one that can't be missed. With the water dancing majestically to the sounds of music, this will take your breath away. One of the best shows you will find anywhere in the world; just make sure you get there early to avoid disappointment.

Little White Chapel

If anywhere goes hand in hand with the sort of atmosphere that surrounds Las Vegas, a city where decisions are quickly made, whether for better or worse, then it's the famous Little White Wedding Chapel. Even for those who are not planning to take the plunge and indulge in one of the quickie weddings for which it's famous, it's a great place to come and see, as one of Las Vegas' most iconic sights.