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Hiring a car from Toulon airport

Pick up your hire car at Toulon airport and explore the sunniest city in France.

60-second guide to Toulon airport

in its own head

"We're the sunniest city in France. And a historic naval town to boot. Did we mention the sun?"

but more realistically

Statistically Toulon is indeed the sunniest city in France, and although much of the original old town was destroyed during the Second World War, there's still much to enjoy. Especially if you like boats.

the vibe

Despite a distinct naval feel Toulon's old town has a definite rustic charm with narrow streets, ornate fountains and public squares.

the natives

The locals of Toulon are warm and welcoming and are rightly proud of their historic city.

the weather

While its temperature is kept moderate by the soothing sea breeze, Toulon boasts the most sunshine annually of any city in France with a scorching average of 2,899 hours per year.

the local speciality

The local cuisine is deliciously French in all departments. Toulon's tapenade and ratatouille are of particular note, as is the local take on pizza - pissaladiere.

the celebrity

Toulon was a prominent setting in Victor Hugo's Les Miserables.

did you know?

In Roman times, Toulon was a major manufacturing base for the dyes used to colour imperial robes.

they say

“Located between the sea and the mountains, Toulon benefits from the site of one of the most beautiful natural harbours in Europe.” – The Michelin Guide

5 to see in town...

1. Centre Mayol

Toulon's shopping centre is a treasure trove of chic French fashion and practical provisions. A morning visit to the food court will reward you with fresh local produce at rock bottom prices.

where to park?

There is on-site car parking with 3,000 places.

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2. Musee de la Marine

Toulon's maritime museum is one of the few imposing buildings to survive World War Two. Boasting a comprehensive history of Toulon's naval roots the museum will float the boat of any maritime enthusiast.

where to park?

Parking Port Marchand is right next to the museum, or you can use Parking Mayol in Centre Commercial Mayol. Alternatively, use the Vinci Park Services in Rue Lorgues.

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3. Toulon Port

Home to more than 60 per cent of France's naval weight, Toulon is the largest military port in Europe and houses the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carriers and France's nuclear attack submarines.

where to park?

Use the Parking Marchand in Avenue Republique.

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4. Tour Beaumont Memorial du Debarquement

Built to commemorate the Allied landing on Provence in 1944, this impressive collection of photos, weapons and models sits atop Mount Faron and can be reached by cable car from the town centre.

where to park?

You can park on the wider parts of Route du Faron and then continue on foot up to the memorial.

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5. Quai Stalingrad

Ill-judged post-war planning has left Toulon's quayside with a nondescript huddle of modernist buildings but the idyllic scenes of moored yachts and waterside restaurants should help you overlook the backdrop.

where to park?

Either use the Parking Mayol car park in Centre Commercial Mayol or Parking Port Marchand.

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and 4 to drive to...

1. Cavalaire-sur-Mer beach

If you're tired of naval life and looking to relax on the seashore, Cavalaire-sur-Mer beach is a pretty stretch of coast surrounded by scenic wooded hills just 25 miles outside of Toulon.

how to get there?

Head east on the A570, turn right onto the D559 coastal road and follow the signposts for the beach.

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2. Le Thoronet Abbey

Built in the late 12th century, this Cistercian abbey perfectly highlights the calming spirit of the religious order. Now restored as a museum the abbey is the perfect place to sit and reflect.

how to get there?

Head out east on the A57 for 25 miles towards Gonfaron, you'll go over the E80 and turn left onto a track towards the abbey for a few miles.

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3. Massif de l'Esterel

Whether you prefer your exploring on foot or by bike this expansive mountain range just 46 miles outside Toulon is the perfect place to lose yourself - with a map of course.

how to get there?

Take the N97 east, and then join the A57. Do a right onto the A8 and go past Le Muy. Now get on the E80 and take a right onto the D837 towards the Massif.

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4. Saint-Tropez

For a little glitz and glamour, cruise along the coast to the decadent town of Saint-Tropez and mingle with the rich and famous in the harbour or one of the many restaurants.

how to get there?

There are slightly quicker inland routes, but the D559 from Toulon will take you along some beautiful stretches of coastline. The route takes you all the way to Saint-Tropez and should take around 2 hours.

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