Hiring a car from Sharm El Sheikh airport

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Hiring a car from Sharm El Sheikh airport

Pick up your hire car and head for a resort which is a gold-plated paradise for beach lovers.

60-second guide to Sharm El Sheikh airport

in its own head

"With Egyptian luxury the pharaohs would have died for, we're a holiday paradise in one of the world's most naturally beautiful settings!"

but more realistically

What the pharoahs would have thought of all the slick hotels is anyone's guess, but it's true that Sharm's architects pulled out all the stops to create a honey-trap resort to attract tourists. And the setting really is spectacular.

the vibe

Five-star living for three-star earners. Sharm's credit crunch-friendly prices mean you can live it up even though the economy is shafted.

the natives

In tourist areas, locals are welcoming, helpful and friendly - especially if they've got a shop or restaurant to promote! For a more authentic slice of life, head to the old town.

the weather

Sharm el Sheikh's climate is hot. Winter is pleasantly hot. Summer is scorching hot and rain is so scant it's almost a myth.

the local speciality

Try ful medames - a popular breakfast dish of slow cooked fava beans mashed with olive oil, chopped parsley, onion, garlic, and lemon juice, topped with a fried egg and eaten with flatbread.

the celebrity

Tony Blair has recently been spotted in one of Sharm's most luxurious hotels. It's a tough job being an ex-prime minister.

did you know?

Sharm is noted for its sulphur springs, which are considered cures for those suffering from rheumatic and skin diseases. They do smell of eggs though.

they say

"With diving and snorkeling, windsurfing and other water sports, horses and camel riding, desert safaris, and great nearby antiquities attractions, it is almost impossible for a visitor to ever suffer from boredom." - www.sharmguide.com

5 to see in town...

1. Cleo Water Park

Cleopatra's Alexandria was the intellectual capital of the ancient world, yet all those great minds failed to invent the waterslide. Thankfully that mistake has been rectified with this very tasteful theme park.

where to park?

There is a free on-site car park.

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2. Shark's Bay

Sharm gets pretty hot so any chance to cool off should be seized with both hands. Slap on a snorkel mask and you can even get up close and personal with the fish.

where to park?

Park on the road that leads to the beach, or by the beach itself.

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3. The Old Market

Sharpen your elbows and your bartering skills, the market experience is intense but you'll never find a cheaper set of Egyptian robes.

where to park?

You can not drive through the market but can park by the entrance.

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4. Terrazzina Beach

Kick off your flip-flops after a hard day's haggling at this Bedouin-style beach complete with chill-out music and big red mattresses.

where to park?

You can park by the beach road but the nearest car park is in Naama Bay about five minutes away.

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5. Colona Watersports

Make the most of your travel insurance and do something daring. Kitesurfing will help whittle away those all-you-can-eat love handles.

where to park?

It is located at the Regency Plaza Hotel beach which has its own car parking facility.

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and 4 to drive to...

1. Ras Muhammad

One of Egypt's most sumptuous national parks, this crustacean station is packed to the gills with sealife including turtles, fish and 100 different species of mollusc.

how to get there?

Just a short drive south of Sharm el Sheikh, take the main route south of the city and continue for seven miles until arriving at the park. Enjoy the scenic route as you are parallel to the coast and surrounded by nature.

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2. Dahab

Once a Bedouin fishing village, now a gem of a place to get your dive on. Popular with backpackers so expect laid-back not luxury.

how to get there?

Simply take the northern route out of Sharm el Sheikh, and continue in the direction of Naama and Jabal Samra for approximately 50 miles until you reach Dahab.

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3. St Catherine's Monastery

One of the world's oldest Christian monasteries and home to biblical carbon dioxide-emitter - the burning bush.

how to get there?

The monastery is around 78 miles north west of Sharm el Sheikh in the Mount Sinai Penisular. Follow the main road in the direction of El Tor.

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4. Mount Sinai

Moses is said to have collected the Ten Commandments on this momentous mountain. Scale its heights at night to experience sunrise from the summit.

how to get there?

Follow the main road in the direction of El Tor. It is around a four-hour drive from Sharm el Sheikh before you arrive at the breathtaking mountain range.

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