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Hiring a car from Oslo airport

Pick up your hire car at Oslo airport and discover a Norwegian winter wonderland perfect for ski holidays.

60-second guide to Oslo airport

in its own head

"Considering our spectacular fjords, woodlands and superb locations for skiing, it's a wonder the Vikings ever left.”

but more realistically

There's a lot more to Oslo than natural beauty and skiing holidays. The Norwegian capital is home to Edvard Munch's famous painting The Scream, fascinating historical museums and a cool cafe and bar culture.

the vibe

Oslo is as laid-back, cosmopolitan and as hip a capital as you're likely to find in Europe. And given the compact nature of the city centre, it's pretty easy to get around.

the natives

Considering Oslo has one of the highest GDPs in Europe it should be no surprise that the natives are an affluent bunch.

the weather

One of the main features of Oslo's long, chilly winters is plenty of snow. This makes the Norwegian capital the perfect place to enjoy skiing, snowboarding and other forms of frosty fun.

the local speciality

Norwegian Fjord Trout is especially popular in Oslo. Local branches of Pizza Hut have even started topping some of their pizzas with the tasty fish.

the celebrity

Husky voiced TV presenter and journalist Mariella Frostrup was born in Oslo.

did you know?

Oslo has hosted the World Ski Championships three times (in 1930, 1966 and 1982), which is testament to the quality of the Norwegian capital's superb powdery slopes.

they say

"Hemmed by a fjord and kilometres of woodland, Norway's capital is an easy-going city with an eclectic architectural mix of old, new and just plain 1960s that is hard not to like." - Lonely Planet

5 to see in town...

1. Nobel Peace Center

Learn all about the elite group of brains, bards and peace brokers who've got their hands on the world's most prestigious academic and political prizes at this high-tech Oslo museum.

where to park?

There's an on-site car park for visitors.

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2. Ibsen Museum

Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen is referred to as 'the father of modern drama'. Learn more about his life and works at this museum.

where to park?

The museum has a visitors' car park.

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3. Munch Museum

Edvard Munch painted several versions of one of the most famous and harrowing pictures of all time, The Scream, back in the late 1800s. Enjoy these and other works at the Oslo museum dedicated to the renowned artist.

where to park?

There are good parking facilities by the museum.

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4. Oslo Winter Park Tryvann

Oslo's main ski resort is the perfect place to practise your snow plough. With 14 different slopes there's a ski run to suit all levels of ability.

where to park?

There is ample parking at the resort.

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5. Holmenkollen Ski Jump

If simply skiing down a conventional slope sounds a little tame, don't worry. The terrifyingly steep Homenkollen Ski Jump, home to one of the world's oldest ski jump competitions, should provide the adrenalin rush you're looking for.

where to park?

There are good parking facilities nearby.

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and 4 to drive to...

1. Kongsberg ski resort

Just an hour away from Oslo Airport are the pure white pistes of Kongsberg. The resort has seven kilometres of downhill slopes, which means you'll find the perfect place to practice your snow ploughs whatever your ability.

how to get there?

Pick up the E18 and exit onto the E134 towards Kr.Sand/Kongsberg/ Drammen Sør. Merge into the E134, heading towards Notodden and follow signs for the resort. The journey should take an hour and a half.

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2. Lillehammer ski resort<

Lillehammer is the oldest ski resort in Norway and hosted the 1994 Winter Olympic Games. With its own freestyle area featuring moguls and jumping facilities, it's the perfect holiday destination for adventurous skiers.

how to get there?

It takes around three hours to reach the resort. Head southeast on Karl Johans gate and pick up the E6. Follow this until you reach the exit signposted Hunderfossen/Oyer Sentrum, then look out for signs to Hafjell.

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3. Beitostolen

Beitostolen is the perfect resort if you've got youngsters in tow. With its own children's playground and ski school, this cosy resort will keep your budding Hermann Maier's happy.

how to get there?

Follow the E16 towards Hønefoss/Sandvika/Bergen and turn right at Route 51/Bygdinvegen. Continue on Route 51, following signs for Beitostolen. The journey will take around three and a half hours.

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4. Fredrikstad

The historic town of Fredrikstad lies 100km south of Oslo and boasts a lively quayside, a beautifully preserved fortress and is only a short distance from the town of Borge, the birthplace of Norway's famous explorer Roald Amundsen.

how to get there?

Follow the E6, then take exit 112 towards 118/Greåker. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Route 112 and follow this to Fredrikstad. The drive will take around an hour and a ha

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