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Hiring a car in Jersey

Pick up your hire car at Jersey airport and enjoy this subtle blend of the best of British and the best of France, all contained within one glorious island.

60-second guide to Jersey

In its own head...

"With our perfect combination of British charm and French class we really are a world apart from the mainland.”

...but more realistically

It is indeed true that the Anglo-French influences on the island make it an alluring destination, with glorious beaches, stirring coastal walks and fantastic food.

The vibe

Laid back and lovely. You won't be tearing it up till the early hours but you will feast like a king on lashings and lashings of cream.

The natives

Jersey is famed for its hospitality - you'll feel like one of the family in no time.

The weather

There's more chance of sun here than on the British mainland, but Jersey does average 33 inches of rain per year so pack a brolly just in case.

The local speciality

Cream or potatoes - take your pick. Or you can combine them both for total comfort food pleasure.

The celebrity

Fictional TV detective Bergerac, of course. The series was a mainstay of BBC drama in the 80s and gave the impression that Jersey was a hotbed of international crime. It isn't.

Did you know?

Over 300 islanders were sentenced to the prison and concentration camps of mainland Europe during the occupation of Jersey in World War II. Twenty died as a result.

They say...

"It's hard to imagine a more peaceful and tranquil island. Yet Jersey's landscape and the character of its people are forged by centuries of battles, exploration, struggle and reinvention." - Jersey Tourist Board

5 to see in town...

1. Jersey Museum, St Helier

Discover Jersey's history, tradition and culture at the island's award-winning museum. There were mammoths back in the day, and the remains are on show here.

Where to park:

Parking is available at Pier Road car park.

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2. Maritime Museum, St Helier

Test your sea legs at the Maritime Museum, home to hundreds of items relating to the people of the sea, seafaring and navigation.

Where to park:

The nearest public car parks are located at the Waterfront, the Esplanade, Pier Road and Sand Street.

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3. Central Market, St Helier

Shop till you drop at Jersey's lively Central Market, which sells everything from antiques to flowers, fresh vegetables to jewellery.

Where to park:

Try the public car parks at the Waterfront, the Esplanade, Pier Road or Sand Street.

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4. Pottery at Belvedere Terrace, St Helier

Have a smashing time at Theresa Robinson's Jersey studio. She has been producing a large, diverse range of functional pots, as well as one-off pieces since 1999.

Where to park:

You can park your hire car at Victorian Avenue car park.

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5. Aquasplash, St Helier

Aquatic fun for all the family at this leisure pool, which includes flumes, a tyre ride and inflatables.

Where to park:

Use the Waterfront car park, adjacent to Aquasplash.

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and 4 to drive to...

1. Jersey War Tunnels

A moving museum that details the five years of Nazi occupation and Hitler's plans to make the Channel Islands an impregnable fortress.

How to get there:

The tunnels are in Les Charrieres Malorey. Head west out of St Helier towards the A1 before turning right on to the A10 and following signs.

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2. Plemont Beach

Where the locals go to hang out, swim and surf. There's even a waterfall. Check the tide times. Pretty or not, you don't want to be stranded here.

How to get there:

From St Helier head west around the coast on the A1 then A2, before taking the A11 northwards. Turn left at the B68 then right onto the A12. Lastly, the B55 takes you towards the beach. The journey is just over nine miles.

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3. Mont Orgueil Castle

Jersey's most iconic landmark. The castle dates to the 13th century and was built to defend the island from the French when King John lost control of Normandy to King Philip of France.

How to get there:

The castle, located in Gorey, is just over half an hour from St Helier. Go east out of the town on the A7, turn right onto the B30 then take the B28 and then B70.

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4. Battle of Flowers Museum

Somewhat bizarrely, this museum boasts huge sculptures of animals that are entirely covered in wild flowers. Which, you have to admit, is unusual if nothing else.

How to get there:

The museum is in St Quen, about a 20 minute drive away. From St Helier head west around the coast on the A1 then A2, before taking the A11 northwards. Turn left at the B68 then right onto the A12. Finally, take the B64 and follow signs.

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