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Hiring a car in Frankfurt

Pick up your hire car at Frankfurt airport and head into this thriving German city that offers so much more than just its eponymous sausage.

60-second guide to Frankfurt

in its own head

"We're Europe's version of New York: a global financial powerhouse with a skyline to match!"

but more realistically

Comparisons with New York might be a little far fetched, but the stark contrast of old and new buildings, plenty of green spaces, a beautiful river and a happening nightlife make Frankfurt an alluring destination.

the vibe

This being the financial hub of Germany there are lots of business people rushing around in suits. But given that many people claim that techno music originated here, this place certainly knows how to party when the sun goes down.

the natives

Like most German cities you'll find the locals friendly and welcoming. To catch them at their best, join them in the southern suburb of Sachsenhausen enjoying a drop of ebbelwoi (apple wine) in the many bars.

the weather

Frankfurt has a typically pleasant central European climate: sunny and hot summers and cold and rainy winters. Spring and autumn are the best times to visit if you prefer to avoid the extremes.

the local speciality

Unsurprisingly the Frankfurter sausage is rather popular. But unlike the low grade American hot dog version, this sausage is particularly tasty and made from much better quality ingredients.

the celebrity

Frankfurt's status as a financial centre goes way back. Mayer Amschel Rothschild - founder of the Rothschild international banking dynasty - was born in the city in 1744.

did you know?

The city is also known by two nicknames. 'Bankfurt' for its financial expertise and 'Mainhatten' for being situated on the Main river and bearing a resemblance to Manhattan.

they say

"I am convinced that even those who visit our city on a casual visit will understand and also share my enthusiasm for this city - and one day, may even become typical residents of Frankfurt themselves." - Frankfurt's optimistic mayor Petra Roth

5 to see in town...

1. The Romerberg

A beautiful square in the old part of town with restored 14th and 15th century buildings. In the middle sits the Font of Justice, a fountain which in 1612 flowed with wine, although sadly no longer does.

where to park?

Located in the old part of town. Access to cars is very limited, so park at the Parkhaus Kaiserplatz by the Willy-Brandt-Platz station.

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2. Cathedral of St Bartholomew

Otherwise known simply as the Frankfurt Cathedral, this striking gothic church was destroyed by both fire and World War II bombings last century. It was expertly rebuilt on both occasions and one glance at its beauty will explain why.

where to park?

Use the metered street parking in surrounding roads such as Hermannstrasse and Marianstrasse.

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3. Goethe House

The house where one of Germany's most famous writers and poets, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, was born and lived. Goethe gained a reputation for scribing emotional works of art that broke people's hearts.

where to park?

Use either the Hauptwache or the Bethmannstrasse car parks.

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4. Main Tower

What better way to observe a city of tall buildings than from the top of one of the highest ones in town? This 200 metre tower, Frankfurt's most elevated public viewing platform, offers great views of the whole city and surrounding countryside as well.

where to park?

There is an on-site car park but it is not open to the general public so use the Parkhaus Junghofstrasse just around the corner in Junghofstrasse road.

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5. Palmengarten

Frankfurt has lots of green spaces and these lovely botanical gardens are among the best. You'll find rose and formal gardens, a kids' playground, a pond for boats and a miniature train.

where to park?

Use the underground car park at entrance Siesmayerstrasse.

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and 4 to drive to...

1. Mainz

There have been settlements in this fascinating Roman town for more than 300,000 years. Well worth a stroll around, checking out the cathedral, the Theodor Heuss Rhine Bridge and sampling the local speciality cheeses.

how to get there?

Take the B44 south out of the city centre and then turn right onto the A3, then the A67 then the A60. Turn right at the B40 towards Mainz. The journey should take around 35 minutes.

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2. Darmstadt

Mary Shelley was inspired to write the novel Frankenstein having visited the town's actual Castle Frankenstein. Other interesting attractions include the Ducal Palace; the town's largest square, Luisenplatz; and a 19th century English-style rose garden.

how to get there?

Head south out of the city centre on the A5 for approximately 18 miles, before joining the B26. It's about a half an hour journey.

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3. Heidelberg

The very popular Heidelberg was largely untouched during World War II and has kept its baroque style and charm with cobbled streets and an impressive castle. The town also has more than 300 drinking establishments and a lively party scene.

how to get there?

The A5 south takes you almost all the way there. Turn off at exit 37 and follow signs. It's about an hour's journey.

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4. The Taunus Mountains

After all that city living you might be craving some open spaces and the Taunus mountains with their beautiful rivers and vineyards are the perfect antidote to the stresses of the urban life.

how to get there?

Bad Homburg vor der Hoehe is a good starting point to explore the Taunus mountains and it is only about 12 miles north of Frankfurt. The A661 is the road you'll need.

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