Hiring a car from Denver airport

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Hiring a car from Denver airport

In Denver, everyone is in the mile high club. The city sits exactly one mile above sea level which makes the air thinner. This means that frisbees and alcohol go ten times further than they would anywhere else, so during the flight here, drink plenty of water and keep hydrated throughout your holiday.

Why hire a car at Denver International airport?

That all-important first mile: driving out of Denver International Airport?

Denver airport Q&A

Where are the car hire desks?

Renting a car in Denver is so popular that hire companies have now relocated to their own dedicated premises outside the main terminal. A shuttle bus service will collect you, and drop you off at the end of your holiday at the airport’s Jeppesen Terminal.

What should I buy at duty free?

Every gas station, convenience store and bar will have jerky on offer. This dried meat is hugely popular here and the Climax Jerky store in the airport will sell you buffalo, boar, elk, salmon, venison and turkey variations. It lasts a very long time so you can take plenty home with no fear of it going off.

Are there any cashpoints?

You’ll have no problem finding a cash machine; they’re located throughout the airport as are branches of the Public Service Credit Union, a local bank which handles any currency exchange.

Where's the best place to eat?

If you’re looking for a last taste of America before your flight home, then head to the Denver Chophouse for a hearty, meaty meal. If however you have a sweet tooth, pop into the Columbo Frozen Yogurt and Sara Lee Sandwich shop for some cakey goodness.

The secret tip

At some point during your stay, make the most of your car rental and drive up Trail Ridge Road. It’s the highest paved road in the USA. Take it slow on the top of the world - the views are worth savouring. You're also likely to see some wildlife on the way up and at the peak.

Denver airport the gateway to...

Black Hawk City

Distance: 56 miles

If gambling tickles your fancy, then the casinos and saloons of Black Hawk welcome you. No gunslingers. No hustlers. No children. Leave your hire car or horse outside.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Distance: 68 miles

This famous park set in the Rockies is the ideal location to get away from modern life and find a slice of the old, all American way. Here, you can camp, fish and hike or horse trek along most of the park’s trails. Sadly, we don’t rent horses, and there are no companies which lease them from the airport, but you can use your car hire to get to the park entrance and pick one up from there.

Dude Ranches

Distance: VARIED

There are more than thirty dude ranches across Colorado which can offer you a real cowboy experience. You could be collecting eggs from the barn, mucking out the stables or galloping across the plains, driving cattle from one farm to another. Pick up information about ranches from tourist information at the airport.