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Hiring a car from Cannes airport

Pick up your hire car at Cannes airport and explore the chic, sun-kissed city that's a favourite with Hollywood's affluent glitterati.

60-second guide to Cannes airport

In its own head...

"With palm-lined boulevards, high-class boutiques, glamorous villas and superb beaches, we are the brightest jewel in the French Riviera's crown."

...but more realistically

While Cannes is a playground for the wealthy and famous, the city's history is as rich as the luxury yacht owners who moor their vessels in its port. Be sure to check out the fascinating Musee d'Art et d'Histoire de Provence and other surprising cultural gems.

The vibe

Even outside the film festival, affluent tourists continue to flock to the sun-soaked city. Why not join them? Sample the high life by taking a stroll around one of the many designer boutiques, pull up a chair with a cappuccino outside a café, or watch palatial boats sail by in the port.

The natives

Cannes is the perfect holiday destination for star-spotting enthusiasts. Head down to Boulevard de la Croisette to sip iced coffee and watch the chic set strut their stuff.

The weather

With long, warm summers, Cannes is an ideal holiday location for sun seekers. Don't forget to pack your swimming costume and take advantage of some of the finest beaches on the French Riviera.

The local speciality

There are few better places to enjoy a taste of the sea than Cannes - deep-fried squid eaten with aioli (garlic mayonnaise) or a salad nicoise are tasty staples in this part of the world.

The celebrity

If you're travelling to Cannes in May, you'll find the city is flooded with famous faces. Brigitte Bardot is among the many stars to own a luxury villa here.

Did you know?

The legendary 'man in the iron mask' was supposedly imprisoned on the forested island of Sainte-Marguerite near Cannes for 11 years.

They say...

“Cannes’s whitewashed luxury hotels, designer shops, and Michelin-starred cuisine all embody Riviera glamour.” – Frommer’s

5 to see in town...

1. Allée des átoiles du Cinéma

Ever wanted to compare the size of your hands with Sylvester Stallone's? Visit this stretch of pavement near the Palais des Festivals and check out the imprints made by some of Hollywood's most famous stars.

Close to the Palais des Festivals, try the garage on Boulevard de la Croisette, from €2.70/hour.

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2. Palais des Festivals

This grand glass and concrete structure is the focal point of the silver-screen storm that is the Cannes Film Festival. Follow in the footsteps of Hollywood luminaries such as Tom Cruise, Marilyn Monroe and Clint Eastwood by posing for your picture in front of the famous cinema.

Where to park:

Try the garage on Boulevard de la Croisette, from €2.70/hour.

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3. Vieux Port

The old port is in the centre of the city, and if you fancy flexing the plastic in one of Cannes' expensive boutiques, then this is a good starting point. Alternatively, have a look at the luxurious boats moored there to get a glimpse of how the other half live.

Where to park:

A short stroll from the seafront, head for the car park on Boulevard de Ferrage, which costs €5.20 for three hours.

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4. Plage du Midi

Many of Cannes' pristine beaches are private, but this sun-worshipper's paradise is open to all. There's no better way to unwind than by stretching out on the sand after a long day's people watching.

Where to park:

Just west of Vieux Port, park at Quai Laubeuf to access Plage du Midi.

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5. Notre-Dame d'Espérance

This 17th-century gothic church features some breathtakingly beautiful frescos and offers an unrivalled view of the town and its port.

Where to park:

Situated on Rue de la Castre, try the 24-hour car park at Quai Laubeuf.

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and 4 to drive to...

1. Plage Publique de Beau Rivage, Nice

If you fancy a short trip out of Cannes, head to the nearby town of Nice and soak up the rays on this hip public beach. Be warned though - you'll need to get there early to beat the crowds and bag your spot in the sun!

How to get there:

Just 20 miles along the coast, take the A8 southwest and turn off at exit 50 for the beach.

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2. Plage des Canebieres, St Tropez

St Tropez isn't as much a favourite of the stars as it used to be. But it's still home to some superb beaches. Check out the sands at Plage des Canebieres and it's easy to see why St Tropez was once the French Riviera's capital of cool.

How to get there:

Head west on the A8 towards Aix-en-Provence, turning off at exit 36 for St Tropez. The journey should take just under one-hour 20-minutes.

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3. Casino de Monte-Carlo

The famous Monaco casino is a must-see destination for James Bond fans. Don your dinner jacket and grab a Martini from the bar.

How to get there:

Drive northeast towards Nice/Antibes on the A8 and follow exit 56 for Monaco and the casino.

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4. Albertas Gardens, Aix-en-Provence

If fast cars, expensive shops and people watching have left you exhausted, why not recharge your batteries by heading out to the tranquil countryside town of Aix-en-Provence? While there, check out these spectacular gardens, studded with statues and fountains.

How to get there:

Situated 90 miles to the west of the city, follow the A8 and turn off at exit 30, then follow Avenue Pierre Brossolette towards the gardens.

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