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Hiring a car in Brussels

Whether you're travelling for business or pleasure, a hire car from Brussels airport will help you make the most of this sophisticated European capital.

60-second guide to Brussels

in its own head

"We don't need to brag - those in the know realise that Brussels is one of Europe's most sophisticated, cultural cities."

but more realistically

The Belgian capital is, of course, better known for being the centre of Euro-politics, but from its ancient architecture to its cutting-edge art, culturally it has a lot to quietly rival its more famous neighbours.

the vibe

Brussels is serious about work - it's home to numerous political organisations, including the headquarters of NATO and the EU - but rates sophistication highly too.

the natives

They're a cultured bunch and love the finer things their country has to offer - namely good food, good drink and the arts - and they're keen to show them off to visitors.

the weather

Summers are pleasant but not particularly hot, and rain is a regular occurrence throughout the year.

the local speciality

Take your pick from a wonderful smorgasbord: moules frites (or mussels and fries), chocolate, waffles, beer and, of course, the much maligned but much loved Brussels sprout, which was first grown here.

the celebrity

Audrey Hepburn was born here, and fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg is a native.

did you know?

There are more ambassadors and journalists in Brussels than in Washington DC.

they say

"In an age where so much is already discovered, Belgium's capital seduces as one of Western Europe's unknowns." - Lonely Planet

5 to see in town...

1. Grand Place

This stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site and central market square of Brussels is a hub of activity - and the ideal starting point for a day of sightseeing. Begin with the city's beautiful 15th century Town Hall.

where to park?

There are places to park on Madeleine Street.

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2. Galeries Saint-Hubert

The perfect setting for a well-earned coffee and waffles break. Home to a charming selection of indoor cafes, but with an outdoor feel.

where to park?

There is a car park on the nearby street of Montagne-aux-Herbes Potageres.

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3. Musees Royaux des Beaux-Arts

Whether you prefer your art contemporary or more traditional, this fabulous institute boasts works by big-name painters, including Brueghel, Rubens, Van Dyck and Rembrandt.

where to park?

Use the Parking Albertine car park.

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4. Centre Belge de la Bande Dessinee

For art of a modern kind, this comic-strip museum is just a short walk from the Grand Place. Look out for pictures of Tintin, Snowy and Captain Haddock.

where to park?

The nearest car park is City-Parking in Boulevard Pacheco which has 2,000 places.

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5. Musee Bruxellois de la Gueuze

A trip to Brussels wouldn't be complete without sampling the beer, and in this working brewery you can see the whole wonderful process from start to finish - and enjoy a few tasting sessions too.

where to park?

There is an on-site car park for visitors.

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and 4 to drive to...

1. Atomium

Brussels's most iconic modern landmark was built in 1958 - one of the original ideas was to build an upside-down Eiffel Tower, but its designer felt an atomic structure was more symbolic of the era. The very top sphere has wonderful panoramic views of the city.

how to get there?

It's fairly easy to get to the Atomium. Just head north on Majoor Rene Dubreucqstraat toward Londenplein and follow signs for Atomium Square.

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2. Waterloo

The scene of Napoleon's crushing final defeat in 1815. Don't miss the waxwork museum, and do climb up the 226 steps to the Lion's Mound overlooking the battlefield.

how to get there?

Waterloo is about half an hour outside the city centre. Just head north on Majoor Rene Dubreucqstraat toward Londenplein and take the N248 and N5 towards Waterloo.

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3. Chateau de Gaasbeek

This gorgeous Medieval castle houses a huge array of classic armour, paintings, tapestries and gold. Be sure to enjoy the terrace, with its views over the surrounding countryside.

how to get there?

Head north on Majoor Rene Dubreucqstraat toward Londenplein and follow the N4 towards Gaasbeek. The journey from the centre of Brussels should take around half an hour.

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4. Abbey de la Cambre

This beautiful former Abbey is now home to government buildings, but still has a small, charming church and a peaceful walled garden, which are open to visitors.

how to get there?

Head north on Majoor Rene Dubreucqstraat toward Londenplein and take the N247, following signs for Abbaye de la Cambre. From the centre of Brussels, it should take you no more than ten minutes to get to.

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