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Hiring a car from Bozeman airport

Pick up your hire car at Bozeman airport and use this Old West meets contemporary cool town as a base to take to the ski slopes or just be astonished by the stunning Montana scenery

60-second guide to Bozeman airport

In its own head

First settled in the 1860s as a gold rush mining hub, 'cowboy town' has a small town feel with all the modern urban amenities and conveniences.

But in reality

Property development, an influx of tourists and Montana State University has chipped away at the Old West feel to reveal a more hip and bustling ambience - but you'll still spot plenty of cowboy hats and the Dodge truck is vehicle of choice.

The vibe

Part boho-chic, part yee-haw western. Set in stunning natural surroundings, including Yellowstone Park, you can choose from three world-class ski resorts in them there hills.

The natives

There's a large contingency of students to be found in this neck of the woods, thanks to the popular university and idyllic surroundings. The town's population is a quirky mix of homespun and hip.

The climate

Bozeman's climate is typical mountain valley fodder. Expect pleasant, sunny summers and cold, snowy winters, perfect for all you ski enthusiasts.

The local speciality

There's a healthy move toward sustainable locally raised and harvested meats; think elk tenderloin or a juicy slab of bison ribs.

The celebrity

If you're not a trekkie, the name Brannon Braga might not mean much to you, but as the writer and producer of Star Trek this Bozemanite has name checked his home town in four of his films.

Did you know?

The town is named after John Bozeman who was found murdered in 1863. The culprit was never found. One theory is that it may have been a jealous husband of one of the few women there.

They say

Bozeman is kind of like Montana's version of Los Angeles - a hip place to hang... Today ranchers rub shoulders with hipster college students and mom-and-pop shops share space with trendy boutiques and funky restaurants on Main St.' Lonely Planet

5 to see in town...

Children's Museum of Bozeman

Whether exploring the old west with a tipi adventure, checking x-rays in the new Veterinary Clinic or making your own giant bubbles, the Children's Museum is dedicated to creating unique, hands-on experiences for all the family.Where to park:There's a parking lot to the south of the building on Wilson Avenue.

Bozeman Skate Park

It may only be a modest 6,000sq ft but by offering a combination of mellow bowl and street area, as well as a welcoming local attitude, Montana's original skate park is a great place for concrete disciples.Where to park:You can find a place to park on North 20th Avenue.

Coffrin's Old West Gallery

For over 50 years the Coffrin's Old West Gallery has been offering a truly unique experience. The gallery's unrivalled collection of chronicler L A Huffman's work provides a rare glimpse of a moment in American history never to be repeated.Where to park:There are convenient parking facilities in Rolling Hills Drive.

The Museum of the Rockies

Covering a staggering 500,000,000 years of natural history a trip to the Museum of the Rockies is certainly a journey of discovery. The 104-seat planetarium provides an exhilarating exploration of the world around us.Where to park:On-site parking is available to the left of the museum.

Bozeman Hot Springs and Fitness Center

Want to relax in top-flight surroundings? This majestic natural site in the beautiful Gallatin Valley has nine pools of mineral-rich geothermal waters to soothe and invigorate. Recently developed into a full service spa and fitness centre, it offers a revitalising oasis of calm, perfect for weary travellers.Where to park:Parking is available in Ice Blue Road.

and 4 to drive to...

Yellowstone National Park

Not only is this park breathtakingly beautiful, but it also sits right on top of a supervolcano! Don't worry though, with the next eruption not expected for several thousand years, you've got plenty of time to enjoy it.How to get there: Take Highway 191 south to West Yellowstone. It should take you around 90 minutes.

Big Sky Ski and Summer Resort

Think adventure playground on a massive scale with the best in activity holidays all year round. Winter offers more skiing than anywhere else in the States, while Big Sky is the perfect base camp for Yellowstone National Park's vast array of summer activities.How to get there: It's a 45-minute journey from Bozeman on Highway 191

Deerlodge National Forest

If your idea of heaven is getting back in touch with nature then make sure you visit Deerlodge. This undiscovered jewel is big on rugged wilderness, there's 3.35 acres of it, tranquil fishing lakes and serene campsites, and happily short on traffic. A genuine breath of fresh air.How to get there: From Bozeman, drive south on Highway 191. It's about 56 miles.

Missouri Headwater State Park

Covering the area where the Jefferson, Madison and Gallatin rivers meet to form the mighty Missouri, this state run park offers a wide variety of outdoor activities, including tepee rental if you're up for something a bit different.How to get there: The park is around 32 miles away. Take Highway 205 to Three Forks, then onto Highway 286.