Hiring a car from Bern airport

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Hiring a car from Bern airport

Pick up your hire car from Berne airport and take in the beautiful Swiss capital - or head out of the city for some of the best skiing in Europe.

60-second guide to Bern airport

in its own head

"We're less a city, more a fairytale wonderland! There really is no place quite as architecturally majestic as Berne."

but more realistically

Berne's old town is certainly a beautiful place but as well as marvelling at the ornate fountains, clock towers and buildings, be sure to pay a visit to some of the countless museums and art galleries.

the vibe

Like many Swiss towns and cities, Berne runs like clockwork. You're not likely to be left waiting for a train, bus or restaurant waiter for too long.

the natives

Berne's residents are proud of their city's UNESCO world heritage site status and, maybe as a result, take cleanliness very seriously.

the weather

You won't have to worry about your Swiss chocolate melting if you visit Berne between November and March as temperatures usually hover around freezing. August and July see temperatures reaching the mid-20s though.

the local speciality

Berne is a chocoholic's heaven. Don't leave the city without paying a visit to one of its countless chocolate shops.

the celebrity

The Berne patent office must be an intellectually-stimulating place; it's where Albert Einstein developed his theory of relativity.

did you know?

The organisation that decides how much we pay for our stamps, The Universal Postal Union, is based in Berne.

they say

"Berne is a focal point for all things cultural. The city literally pulsates to the rhythm of a host of annually recurring events and special occasions." - The Berne Tourist Board

5 to see in town...

Einstein Haus

Check out the humble abode where Albert Einstein pencilled his ground-breaking theories while working as a low-paid clerk in the city.Where to park?There is a car park a few minutes away in between Junkern and Mattentr

Zytglogge clocktower

The astonomical clocktower inspires hundreds of passers-by to stop and stare on a daily basis. Every hour, revolving figures twirl above its ornate clock face.Where to park?There are two car parks near by; one in Postgasshalde and another in Waisenhaus Platz.

Swiss Alpine Museum

Switzerland is a country famed for its alpine lodges and snow-capped peaks. Find out all about the nation's mountain history in this fascinating museum.Where to park?Onsite parking is available at the museum.

Museum Of Fine Art

Enjoy works by Pablo Picasso, Ferdinand Hodler and Meret Oppenheim at this internationally-renown institution - Switzerland's oldest art museum.Where to park?Parking spaces are available onsite or you can use metered street parking.

Zentrum Paul Klee

This weird and wonderful undulating building houses some of the famous Berne artist's most important work and is worth a visit if only to marvel at the structure.Where to park?There is a nearby car park with 150 spaces.

and 4 to drive to...

Lake Thun

The stunning natural surroundings of Lake Thun are the perfect backdrop for active pursuits such as skiing, hiking, mountain climbing and watersports.How to get there?Head south on the A6 for 25 miles. The journey takes around 40 minutes.

Jungfrau Winter Sports Region

From half-pipes to black runs, Jungfrau has enough to put a smile on even the most discerning skiier's face.How to get there?Approximately 35 miles from Berne, the journey should take around three-quarters of an hour.

Grindelwald Ski Resort

This beautiful resort is not only a great place to ski, a ride in the gondola to the mountain slopes offers some breath-taking views.How to get there?From Berne, the journey is 74 miles and takes just over and hour, via the A6.

Chateau-d'Oex Ski Resort

The powdery slopes of Chateau d'Oex were once home to actor and ski enthusiast David Niven. The resort also hosts an annual hot air ballooning festival each January.How to get there?The resort is 86 miles from Berne and takes around and hour and a quarter, via the A12.