Hiring a car in Australia

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Hiring a car in Australia

The land Down Under. Home to Vegemite, surfing and kangaroos. Alright, there's much more to Australia than that. It's awesome mate. Book and find out for yourself. Wherever you fly in to, there'll be a waiting for you.

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60-second guide to Australia

In its own head...

"Australia is the best country on the planet"

...but more realistically

It depends on what you view as 'best'. Perhaps 'varied' would be a better word. Australia is so huge, that it has four time zones, lush tropical rainforests, arid deserts, snow-capped mountains and incredible beaches. The Great Barrier Reef - the world's largest coral reef system lines the eastern coastline while its wildlife is almost entirely unique.

The vibe

When it’s not too hot, the Aussies are an athletic, energetic and playful bunch who will always welcome anyone who wants to join in.

The natives

Regardless of the stereotypes, there is no typical Australian. The country’s history of immigration and settlement has left behind a multi-ethnic population. What they do all have, is an absolute respect and passion for preserving and protecting all that make Australia special. Show the same level of care and you’ll always be welcome here.

The weather

It’s not possible to sum up the Australian climate in a few sentences with any sort of accuracy. The size of this country means that while one region may be sweltering in 40°C heat, the other may have snow. Think carefully where you want to visit and do a little research before you head off. Any journey that looks short on your map is likely to mean a long journey in the hire car. Always carry water and keep your mobile charged.

The local speciality

Clichéd as it sounds, the Aussies do love a good barbie but they cook prawns, not shrimp, and they don’t just throw anything on it; steaks, sausages and vegetables are all picked and prepared with care. There’s an art to a great barbeque and the folk down under are masters of it.

The celebrity

Hugh Jackman, Geoffrey Rush, Nicole Kidman and the tiny pop princess Kylie Minogue all come from the land down under.

Did you know?

Australia is the only country in the world that is also a continent.

They say...

"There's nothing like Australia" - Oz Tourism

Top destinations

car hire in Adelaide


Top driving tip

Unlike most Australian states, you can't do a u-turn at traffic lights.


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car hire in Brisbane


Top driving tip

Australia's roads are very straight. Take a rest every couple of hours.


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car hire in Cairns


Top driving tip

Cairns's kangaroo suicide rate is high. Watch out for any about to jump in front of you.


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car hire in Melbourne


Top driving tip

Watch out for people getting of the trams in the city centre. Our collision damage waiver doesn't cover it.


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car hire in Perth


Top driving tip

Don't just point and laugh at the signs that ask you if you're awake.


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car hire in Sydney


Top driving tip

If you're driving into the city get in the right lane at the toll booths. You don't want to end up going through a tunnel and not over one of the most famous bridges in the world. Disaster.


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