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Hiring a car in Almeria

Pick up your hire car at Almeria airport and head for a city that is as hot and rugged as the stars of its cowboy movies.

60-second guide to Almeria

in its own head

"More than 3,000 hours of sunshine beat down on us every year - where better to come for sand, sea, sangria and siestas!"

but more realistically

If it's fun in the sun you're after it is indeed hard to beat Almeria. But it's also a city steeped in history and crowed by a magnificent fort.

the vibe

Despite the modernist edge on the outskirts of town the lively old port has kept much of its grandeur. Be sure to ramble around the old town when the tanning gets too much.

the natives

Owing much of their income to tourism, Almerian locals are pleased to have you and eager to oblige. The city rings with the sounds of Spanish but the resorts are well versed in English.

the weather

Hot and dry for most of the year, Almeria is the perfect place to top up your tan. A spell on the beach will turn you golden brown faster than you can say factor 15.

the local speciality

For a true Almerian taste try the Iberico ham sourced from the nearby Alpujarras.

the celebrity

Thanks to its rugged outcrops and dry desert plains Almeria has been the backdrop to a host of spaghetti westerns, bringing the likes of Clint Eastwood into town.

they say

'Here nobody feels like a foreigner." - local Almerian saying

5 to see in town...

1. Alcazaba of Almeria

Though much of the Alcazaba's former splendour has been lost to earthquakes and the plunders of time, its towering structure still provides the most breathtaking views of the city.

where to park?

The streets around the Alcazaba are narrow and chaotic. You'll be better off parking your hire car in one of the car parks or streets of the commercial centre, which is just 10 minutes' walk away.

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2. Cathedral of Almeria

The medieval cathedral was built like a fortress to keep out pirate raiders from North Africa. With imposing towers surrounded by exotic palms it's the perfect setting for a swashbuckling adventure.

where to park?

Try the car parks in Calle General y Tamayo or San Pedro Square and take a short stroll to the cathedral.

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3. Plaza Vieja

Escape the bustling beaches and indulge in some peace and solitude in the serene arcaded square adjoining the city hall. It's the perfect place to dream away an hour or two.

where to park?

Try the car park in Plaza Lopez Falcon. It is cheap - just €1.40 an hour or €14.80 for the whole day.

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4. Tango lessons at Mae West

If you've always wanted to learn to tango then this is the place for you, and the lessons are even free, so you'll have a few extra euros to spend on sangria.

where to park?

Located opposite El Parque. Try the car parks in Calle General y Tamayo or San Pedro Square.

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5. Plaza de Toros market

When you've sated your appetite for history, it's time for a bit of shopping. Ceramics is the main craft of the area though there is just about every type of souvenir available here.

where to park?

Try the car park in Calle General y Tamayo.

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and 4 to drive to...

1. Wild West

Though Almeria's spaghetti western landscape no longer attracts the big moviemakers, the surviving stage sets are sure to bring out the cowboy in you.

how to get there?

It's a 30-minute journey to Tabernas. Head north out of Almeria on the E15.

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2. Salinas de Capo de Gata

The lagoons nestled inside the Capo de Gata are home to some 1,000 flamingos. Stop at the wooden viewing platform two miles from the main village to see the leggy wonders at their best.

how to get there?

It's about 40 minutes east on the AL-12 to the Salinas de Capo de Gata.

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3. Alpujarras

Almeria's immediate landscape maybe barren and dry but drive west into the Alpujarra mountains and you'll be rewarded with enough green and pleasant countryside to walk your socks off.

how to get there?

Head east on the E-16 out of Almeria. It's around an hour and 20 minutes away.

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4. Cabo de Gata Natural Park

The park is home to some of the most scenic and tranquil beaches in southern Spain. With emerald seas and volcanic hills it feels more Bounty ad than Iberian coast.

how to get there?

It's a 50-minute journey to the Natural Park. Head east on the AL-12.

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