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Hiring a car from Zagreb airport

Pick up your hire car at Zagreb airport and experience one of Europe's hidden gems.

60-second guide to Zagreb airport

in its own head

"We're a vivacious European metropolis balancing the glitz and glamour of any upcoming capital with enough historic charm to rival Vienna and Prague."

but more realistically

For many visitors to Croatia their experience of the capital begins and ends in the airport, as they head straight to the beautiful beaches lining the Dalmatian Coast. However, Zagreb is fast becoming a destination in its own right.

the vibe

Give the soulless business district a wide berth and head straight for the historic upper town. With its pedestrian-only streets jammed with cafes, bars and bustling boutiques, the atmosphere is vibrant yet intimate.

the natives

Although Zagreb is a fully functioning metropolis, it's more Parisian cafe culture than bustling London hubbub. Sit back, relax and follow the locals' lead as they watch the world go by.

the weather

Zagreb is a city of extremes with hot summers, cold winters and plenty of rain all year round. Take care in autumn - the city is famous for its atmospheric fog.

the local speciality

One of the best-known Croatian culinary creations is strukli. Small bundles of dough stuffed with cheese and rolled in pumpkin or poppy seeds, they are a delicious addition to hearty soups.

the celebrity

While plenty of Croatian celebrities hail from the capital city, various foreign notaries have received honorary citizenships, including the hallowed Mother Teresa and the less holy Margaret Thatcher.

did you know?

Zagreb is home to many eminent novelists and playwrights, who all peddle their craft thanks to local boy Slavoljub Penkala, the inventor of the mechanical pencil and fountain pen.

they say

“Spoiled by a coastline that lies only three hours away, Zagreb’s residents have a lively appreciation of the outdoors.” – Lonely Planet

5 to see in town...

1. Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The cathedral's beautiful twin spires dominate Zagreb's skyline, but the imposing structure has had to fight for its life. Destroyed by invaders and ravished by earthquakes the historic walls tell of more tales than most.

where to park?

Metered on-street spaces can be found within the yellow parking zone nearby, which allows you to park for up to two hours and costs 80p/hour.

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2. Banski Dvori Palace

Historically home to Croatia's ruling elite this 19th-century palace is composed of a brace of baroque mansions alongside courts, archives and government offices, and is located on the west side of St Mark's Square.

where to park?

Metered on-street spaces can be found within the red parking zone nearby, which allows you to park for up to two hours and costs £1.60/hour.

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3. Lotrscak Tower

The 13th-century square tower used to house the city bell, which rang as the gates closed leaving any stragglers shut out for the night. Today, you'll find a warmer reception and stunning views from the top.

where to park?

On-street parking is available along Strossmayerovo Setaliste.

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4. Art Pavilion

Built in Budapest for an international exhibition, the art nouveau pavilion houses an evolving collection of contemporary art by Croatian craftsmen and artists from around the world.

where to park?

Try the garage on nearby Petrinjska, which costs from 80p/hour. The Art Pavilion is on Trg Kralja Tomislava.

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5. Museum of the City of Zagreb

The museum touches on historical topics from the artistic to the economic, spanning from the Roman era to modern day. With over 75,000 artefacts, there's something to float every history buff's boat.

where to park?

Situated on Opaticka Street, try the garage on nearby Nova Ves.

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and 4 to drive to...

1. Lake Jarun

With acres of man-made beaches and lakes this tourist hotspot has an array of activities to help you unwind, from watersports to nature trails. If that fails, there are also plenty of bars.

how to get there?

Just a 15-minute drive from the city centre, take Savska Cesta south and turn right at Ljubljanska Avenija/Zagrebacka Avenija.

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2. Mount Sljeme Ski Resort

Located just outside Zagreb, on the northern slopes of Medvednica, Sljeme is home to an efficient ski resort perfect for all abilities and set in stunning surroundings.

how to get there?

Situated 10 miles from the city centre, head north on Prilaz Kraljicinom Zdencu and merge with Route 1048.

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3. Trakoscan Castle

This 13th-century building is everything a gothic castle should be, complete with dark dungeons, shining suits of armour and acres of elegant parklands for you to wander away the day.

how to get there?

Follow the A2/E59 north and take the exit towards the E59, turning right at Route 508. The journey should take around an hour.

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4. Medvednica Nature Park

A short drive north of Zagreb, Medvednica is home to a stunning array of flora and the cavernous Veternica - a cave dwelling that contains evidence of prehistoric man.

how to get there?

Just over an hour's drive from the city, follow Route 1048 north and turn left at Route 2219.

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