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Car hire in San Francisco Airport

San Francisco Airport

Located just 20 minutes from the centre of San Francisco via the US-101 N, San Francisco Airport (SFO) is the perfect place to land if you want to explore some of the most iconic places in the USA. With a unique atmosphere, fun-loving inhabitants and many structures and areas you'll recognise instantly from movies, San Francisco is a great place to be.

What I need to know

You'll have no trouble finding the right hire car for your needs at San Francisco airport, as there are a number of companies to choose from. Each of these offers a great range of vehicle types at fantastic prices. You can make your search easier by using our site, which allows you to compare deals and means you get free cancellation.

Where to pick up my car

A number of the car hire companies operating at the airport offer pick-up services there. You need to head to the Rental Car Centre via the AirTrain Blue Line to find your provider. Other companies offer free shuttle buses to their off-site offices, with the buses also running from the rental centre.

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Car Hire Reviews San Francisco Airport

  • “The pick-up was easy, it took 5 minutes from arriving at the desk to driving out the car, and the return took even less time.”
    Diane T

Where to go

As soon as you have your car, you can start taking in the beautiful and varied city that is San Francisco. From the historic Union Square to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, you've got so much to see and do in the city.

It's worth noting that San Francisco has a network of one-way streets, many of which intersect main roads, so familiarise yourself with these before you get driving.

Nearby San Francisco Airport

As the airport is so close to the city, you don't need to go far before you arrive at somewhere interesting. San Francisco Zoo is just 20 minutes away, giving you a chance to get up close with a range of animals and enjoy some interactive exhibitions.

For a chance to relax and enjoy the California weather, head to Golden Gate Park, which is home to some gorgeous historic structures and stunning plant life.

Longer drives

There are a number of other great places to visit within driving distance of San Francisco, including San Jose. Around an hour away via the US-101 S, San Jose has a number of great attractions that are worth a day trip. Home to the bizarre Winchester Mystery House, the Tech Museum of Innovation and the San Jose Museum of Art, there is something for everyone.

Eating and drinking

If there's one thing San Francisco does well, it's food. From restaurants to street food, markets to festivals, you'll find a lot of delicious dishes to tempt to. The city has become known for a number of foods, including abalone, bay shrimp, sourdough bread and Dungeness crab, which are all worth trying. There are also a huge number of great bars and pubs if you fancy a drink in the evening.

Things to do

The activities in San Francisco are incredibly varied, so it's worth planning your trip in advance. As well as driving around to check out some of the beautifully coloured houses, you can go to the Walt Disney Family Museum, take a walk in the Japanese Tea Garden or be amazed at the Exploratorium.


Many of the sights in San Francisco are well known, but there are a few you should definitely make time for on your trip beyond the Golden Gate Bridge. Hopping on a boat to visit Alcatraz Island is a great day out, allowing you to take in views of the bay and learn about its history. You should also be sure to spend some time exploring the Fisherman's Wharf and the piers.