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Portsmouth is located on the southeast coast of England and is accessible through the M275 motorway. Its location makes it a particularly scenic area and there are plenty of excellent attractions to look forward to, including the Mary Rose Museum and the Fort Nelson Royal Armouries, which offer a fantastic insight into the city’s history.

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There are plenty of excellent car providers to choose from in Portsmouth, offering a wide range of choices for visitors. Whether you are looking for a small vehicle for yourself or a larger car for the whole family, have a look at our site and take advantage of no credit card fees, free cancellation and excellent customer support.

Where to pick up your car

There are several suppliers dotted around Portsmouth, including Keddy on Victoria Road and Europcar, which is located off the B2154, close to the city’s harbour. These locations put visitors right in the middle of everything, allowing them to easily drive off to explore the top attractions or nearby areas without having to worry about being lost.

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  • “The pick-up was easy, it took 5 minutes from arriving at the desk to driving out the car, and the return took even less time.”
    Diane T

Where to go

As one of the southernmost cities in the UK, Portsmouth has a decorated history as one of Britain’s most important port destinations and has plenty of excellent museums. The Royal Marines and D-Day museums are particularly impressive, showing the long history of the city and how it was affected by war.

Nearby Portsmouth

There are some beautiful areas close to Portsmouth, with plenty of green spaces to explore. One of the top attractions nearby is the Titchfield Haven National Nature Reserve in Fareham, which is just 16 miles away from Portsmouth. Based on the coast of England, the region is made up of varied habitats and offers plenty of excellent walking routes.

Longer drives

If you want to make the most of your time on the south coast, be sure to take the 50 mile trip up the A27 to Brighton, where stunning attractions, amazing restaurants and the city’s beautiful pier await.

What’s more, London is less than two hours away up the A3, where visitors can look forward to one of the world’s most popular cities, featuring the National History Museum and the legendary West End theatre scene.

Eating and drinking

Portsmouth’s coastal location means it offers some of the best seafood in the UK, with plenty of restaurants serving up delightful fish-based dishes. There are also several bars offering great food and mouth-watering drinks. There’s much more to explore across the city, too.

Things to do

Along with its bars and restaurants, Portsmouth has plenty of great attractions to enjoy. Old Portsmouth in particular is full of excellent options, boasting magnificent architecture and the picturesque fishing harbour. A walk around the glorious Staunton Park should not be missed either, providing a relaxing respite from the city centre.


Portsmouth is ideal for outdoor types, with areas such as Canoe Lake and Eastney Lake offering idyllic views and a relaxing atmosphere. The Portsmouth Naval Memorial is another must-see, while Charles Dickens’ birthplace is a fascinating attraction to explore, featuring artefacts from the legendary writer’s life.