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Car hire in the Isle of Man

Hiring a car in the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is a beautifiul island that sits in the middle of the Irish Sea. With its stunning coastline, exquisite scenery and golden beaches, you’ll find everything you need to relax and unwind during your stay.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to the island. Drawn in by the perfect combination of traditional and modern that makes you feel like you’ve stepped back in time, while still being able to rely on urban creature comforts. There’s a wealth of history, culture, wildlife, sports and heritage to keep you entertained during your stay. Hiring a car will mean that you can explore the length and breadth of the Isle of Man at your own pace, seeing everything that you want to along the way.

What you need to know

There are several hire car companies that service the Isle of Man and using our website will help you find the best deal. If you book with us before you travel, you’ll just need to fill in the paperwork when you arrive and then you’re handed the keys. There is absolutely no fuss and you can take advantage of 24/7 customer support, as well as a free cancellation policy in case your plans change. We work with some of the best rental car firms in the business, including Avis and Europcar, meaning quality is assured.

Where to pick up your car

You can pick up your hire car at the Isle of Man Ronaldsway Airport (IOM), just make your way to the terminal building, as this is where you will find the hire car supplier desks. If you have booked beforehand, just find your chosen supplier and make a beeline for them. If you have decided to wait until you land to arrange your hire car, then you’ll need to check with a few different companies to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Once you’ve got the keys, it’s time to hit the road and find out what makes the Isle of Man so special and what keeps visitors coming back year after year.

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Car Hire Reviews the Isle of Man

  • “The pick-up was easy, it took 5 minutes from arriving at the desk to driving out the car, and the return took even less time. Booking with Holiday Autos was easy and I received the car that I had asked for, just perfect!”
    Diane T

Where to go

The ruins of an ancient castle in Peel is said to be the home to ghosts to the Laxey Water Wheel, and features stunning views from 70 feet in the air. You can take a ride on some of the oldest tram cars in the world or take a trip back in time and visit the quaint village of Cregneash.
It is brimming with unique attractions, including Victorian railways, historic monuments, breathtaking beaches, the TT races and prehistoric burial sites. The Isle of Man takes visitors on a journey through history against a backdrop of stunning scenery.

Driving in the Isle of Man

Driving regulations are broadly similar to that of mainland UK, however there is no national speed limit. There are some restrictions in built-up areas, but reckless drivers may be stopped by the police if they are a potential danger to others. Just like in the rest of the UK, you still drive on the left-hand side of the road and overtake on the right.

It would be useful to purchase a parking disc once you arrive on the Isle of Man, as many built-up areas have been placed in parking zones that require you to state the time you arrived. There are plenty of signs around that will inform you if you are in one of these zones. These discs can be bought at the Sea Terminal, tourist points and the airport information desks.

Longer drives

As the Isle of Man is quite small - measuring just 33 miles long and 13.5 miles wide - having a car can help you see all that the island has to offer, showing you stunning scenery along the way. It truly is a driver’s dream, which is why thousands of people flock to its shores for the annual Tourist Trophy, or TT, races. This competition takes place completely on public roads, meaning it can be enjoyed by anyone at any time of the year. The course comes complete with hairpin bends, flat-out straights that are perfect for cruising and majestic mountain passes.

Starting from the airport, drive for 15 minutes before hitting the A5 and passing over the Fairy Bridge into Douglas. Here you can wander into the town, take in the stunning sea views and dine in one of the fine eateries that line the streets. From here, you can enjoy almost 40 miles of uninterrupted driving along the TT course route, following dips, bends and straights before reaching the next town.

Following the course will take you to Laxey, where you can see the world’s biggest water wheel or sample delicious cakes at the Ballacregga Old Corn Mill Tea Rooms. If you continue north, you’ll hit beauty spot Maughold Head, before moving on to Kirk Michael. The course ends in the delightful harbour town of Castletown, where you can explore the former prison Castle Rushen and hear tales of the hangman.

Top destinations on the Isle of Man

It may be small, but the Isle of Man is mighty in terms of the attractions it has to offer visitors. Other than its 100 miles of picturesque coastline, golden sandy beaches and rugged cliffs, the island has a rich fascinating history that it prides itself in. Here are the top destinations that you may want to include in your itinerary.


It would be remiss not to include a visit to the capital of the Isle of Man on your trip. Douglas has a stunning bay that is perfect for lazy strolls, as well as promenade that has breathtaking views of the harbour and the Tower of Refuge - a small structure built to house sailors that were shipwrecked on St Mary’s Isle. You can take a ride on a horse-drawn tram, play a round or two of golf or take in the traditional architecture of places like the Legislative Building, and the Villa Marina and Gardens.


The resort town of Laxey can be found sandwiched in between Ramsey and Douglas. It is one of the most beautiful spots on the Isle of Man, balancing its rich history with stunning views that can’t be seen anywhere else on the island. The town is home to the Snaefell Mountain Railway, which links the village to the highest point on the Isle of Man. On a clear and bright day, you can see all the way to Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. Its most famous attraction is Lady Isabella, a 72-feet water wheel that was originally built in 1854 that still works today.

Cregneash Folk Village

Cregneash is the most southerly town on the Isle of Man and is most famous for being somewhat of a ‘living museum’, where the traditional Manx way of life has been completely preserved. The charming village is filled with thatched-roofed farm buildings and cottages to admire.


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