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Car hire in Crewe

Car hire in Crewe

Located in the north west of England, Crewe is famous for its railway heritage. You can get to Crewe on the M6 motorway, and the A530 and A534 arterial roads. It’s in a great location for you to see some of the country’s most impressive sights. Its nearest airport is Manchester Airport (MAN), just 45km away.

What I need to know

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Where to pick up my car

Once you’ve arrived in Crewe, it’s easy to find your car. If you’ve used the train to get into the town, you just have to walk to the office, which is nearby. Once there, Crewe car rental is as simple as handing over your information and collecting your car keys.

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  • “The pick-up was easy, it took 5 minutes from arriving at the desk to driving out the car, and the return took even less time.”
    Diane T

Where to go

After picking up your car, you can set off and explore what Crewe has to offer. This can be learning about the great railway history of the town, playing golf or visiting museums to find out more about the town’s importance and its past. There’s plenty to do in Crewe.

Nearby Crewe

Hiring a car in Crewe is a great idea as it allows you to drive the 40km along the A54 to the ancient city of Chester. There, you can marvel at the city walls, built as a defence against enemies of the Romans who occupied Chester, or visit the famous zoo.

Longer drives

If you want to test your hire car out, you can drive the slightly longer distance to Manchester, where there is a huge amount to do. You could see a football match featuring one - or both - of the city’s top teams, or visit one of the galleries or theatres for a dose of culture.

Eating and drinking

Crewe can offer a lot if you’re eager to try some good food. There are restaurants and pubs that serve traditional English meals, as well as those giving the chance of tasting something new and unique. With a number of exotic restaurants preparing food from a wide variety of countries, you won’t run out of things to try.

Things to do

Crewe has a great theatre, where you can see fun and thought-provoking shows. You can also visit Queens Park, which offers you a chance to catch your breath and relax. Crewe Heritage Centre also gives you the chance to learn about the town, particularly revolving around the railway.


If you didn’t arrive by train, you should be sure to stop by the main station in the town. Crewe has served as a major railway junction, so there is a lot to learn at the station. The Crewe War Memorial can also give you the chance to reflect on the world’s conflicts.


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