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Car hire in Birkenhead

Car hire in Birkenhead

The town of Birkenhead sits on the Wirral Peninsula in England. It is located opposite Liverpool with the Mersey River dividing them. It’s a great place to explore in your hire car, with a number of attractions on offer, and the M53 linking Birkenhead to the rest of the country.

What I need to know

You have a choice of car rental companies in Birkenhead, so you’ll want to get the best deal to can. To achieve this, you can compare car hire offerings on our site and get the right vehicle for you at the most cost-effective price. You’ll also benefit from zero credit card fees and free cancellation in case your plans change.

Where to pick up my car

Consider where you will find it most convenient to collect your hire car in Birkenhead when booking. That’s because each of the companies that operate in the town has different arrangements. You may find it useful to pick your car up in the town centre, at the train station or even slightly further out.

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  • “The pick-up was easy, it took 5 minutes from arriving at the desk to driving out the car, and the return took even less time.”
    Diane T

Where to go

Birkenhead has several areas that are worth discovering with your hire car. If shopping is your first priority then head to the Grange and Pyramids Shopping Centre, where there are over 130 places to grab a bargain. For those who prefer the great outdoors, then Birkenhead Park is a great spot.

Nearby Birkenhead

The Queensway Tunnel makes it very easy to drive from Birkenhead to Liverpool, where you can see the iconic Royal Liver Building and visit The Beatles Story. Alternatively, the walled city of Chester is just 35 minutes away and the half-timbered buildings that date back to Tudor times make it particularly charming.

Longer drives

Manchester and Leeds may be further afield from Birkenhead, but with your hire car, there’s nothing to stop you venturing off to find these great northern cities. Much of the industrial heritage of these great locations has been preserved and you can see the perfect mingling of the old and the new.

Eating and drinking

It’s safe to say that the food offerings in Birkenhead are incredibly diverse, with cuisines from all over the world represented in its restaurants. Whatever type of food you opt for, be sure to enjoy a pint from the Birkenhead Brewing Co once you’ve parked the car for the day. From pilsners to stouts, all tastes are covered.

Things to do

The Williamson Art Gallery has a good selection of works inside and is as interesting to visit for the building it is housed in. This is a neo-Georgian single-storey structure that was opened to the public in 1928. Meanwhile, the Birkenhead Market, with more than 300 stalls is a must-visit if you’re a foodie.


Birkenhead Priory is the oldest building in the town that still stands to this day. It was founded in 1150 and the Benedictine monks knew a thing or two about hospitality. They looked after innumerable travellers over the course of 400 years and were in charge of the first official ferry across the Mersey.


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