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Car hire in Bayswater

Car hire in Bayswater

Bayswater is located within the City of Westminster in central London, placing it near the heart of England's capital. This means there are plenty of things to do and see close by, although driving directly into the centre of the city can be difficult due to congestion. However, you're well placed to see what Greater London has to offer.

What I need to know

Being so close to the centre of the busiest city in the UK, you'll find dozens of car hire companies close by. There is a lot of choice throughout Bayswater, which can make finding the best deal a bit confusing. Make it simpler to hire a car in Bayswater by using our site to compare vehicles and prices.

Where to pick up my car

With so many car hire companies to choose from, it will come as no surprise that there are also a lot of pick-up locations, including Bayswater tube station. You can see which pick-up point is most convenient for you on our site, as we'll give you a map view of the area. This ensures you don't need to go out of your way to pick up your car.

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  • “The pick-up was easy, it took 5 minutes from arriving at the desk to driving out the car, and the return took even less time.”
    Diane T

Where to go

Once you have your car, you can start exploring all that London has to offer. Bayswater isn't far from some of the most popular hotspots in the city, including Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. You can also hit Oxford Street, head to the West End or visit all of the London tourist attractions, although you may want to make use of the tube for some of them.

Nearby Bayswater

Staying in Bayswater means you can get to a number of great London attractions in no time at all. This includes the Natural History Museum, which is around 20 minutes away in light traffic via the A4204. Here you'll find a huge range of exhibitions and activities that will entertain the whole family.

Longer drives

If you want to escape the busy city and see more of England, drive an hour or so down the A3 to reach the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. There are plenty of walks to enjoy and views to take in while you enjoy a bit of peace and quiet after the hustle and bustle of the capital.

Eating and drinking

You'll be totally spoilt for choice when it comes to food and drink in Bayswater. Being almost in the centre of London means that you'll find a huge range of restaurants, trendy bars, pubs and pop-up eateries that are sure to entice you. If you want something familiar, there are also plenty of high street restaurants you'll recognise.

Things to do

The central location of Bayswater also means there is a huge amount to do. Visit the Serpentine Gallery, do a spot of shopping at the iconic Harrods and even make your way to Buckingham Palace. All of these are within half an hour of Bayswater so you don't need to go far.


From Big Ben to Kensington Palace, the number of sightseeing opportunities close by means you'll be able to hit all the tourist spots. Make your way to the London Eye for phenomenal views of the capital or hunt down some of the stunning statues on display in the parks.


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