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Car hire in Aberdeen

Hiring a car in Aberdeen

Aberdeen is perhaps best known as the oil capital ofScotland, with its enviable position on the coast of the North Sea making it a fantastic home base for many oil and gas companies over the last few years, helping to turn the north-east city into one of the country's true powerhouses, as well as becoming the most affluent cities in the whole of Scotland thanks to the influx of workers from the oil and gas industry.

But the Granite City is about so much more than just the North Sea industries it supports. With a rich sporting history and some truly fantastic architecture, this is a coastal city that feels truly alive, with a great atmosphere, a young and lively population and many great cultural attractions such as the Maritime Museum and the Aberdeen Art Gallery.

What you need to know

Rain is something that anyone visiting Scotland will be more than ready for. It's almost as famous for rain as it is for haggis and Irn Bru, after all. But while the granite used to build most of the city means rain lends it a glittery, magical sort of aura, it also means that most days, a car is really the best way to get around. Not only this, but car hire will allow you the sort of freedom to explore the north of Scotland that you couldn't find otherwise. And with that sort of unrivalled beauty on your doorstep in Aberdeen, it would be a chance to good to waste.

Holiday Autos offers you the opportunity to book your hire car before you even set off for Aberdeen, making the entire process easy and affordable. Our website compares prices from hundreds of suppliers, meaning you can pick the best car for you at the best price around. We also offer free cancellation and amendments, so you can make your booking without any pressure, knowing that you can make changes any time you need to.

Where to pick up your car

When you arrive at Aberdeen International Airport (ABZ), finding your hire car will be easy, and you'll be off and headed towards the city in just a few short minutes after you land. Car hire facilities are located just across the road from the terminals, and all you need to do when you have arrived and picked up your luggage is to head out of the arrivals lounge and follow the signs out of the airport to find your car hire supplier.

In addition to this, there are also a number of car hire companies that have places from which you can pick up your vehicle in the city itself, with a number of different locations that make it easy for you to collect at the time and place that best suits you.

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  • “The pick-up was easy, it took 5 minutes from arriving at the desk to driving out the car, and the return took even less time. Booking with Holiday Autos was easy and I received the car that I had asked for, just perfect!”
    Diane T

Where to go

All that's left to do once you have picked up your keys, collected your car hire and are on the road is to decide what you want to do. Whether you want to see what the Granite City has to offer or want to head off and explore the Highlands, the choices are endless, and you'll find more than enough to fill your time in Aberdeen with.

Nearby Aberdeen

Hiring a car in Aberdeen means that as well as seeing what the city has to offer in itself, you will also have the opportunity to try out a number of great places nearby. For example, why not take a little 50 minute trip up the A90 to Peterhead? This little town is best known for its thriving cod and crab fishing industries, and it can be a treat in itself to head to the fish market or down to the harbour to see those who have survived on fishing for generations hard at work doing what they do best.

Alternatively, take some time out to make the trip south to Stonehaven, just 30 minutes from Aberdeen by car. This quaint little coastal town enjoys fantastic views out over the North Sea, as well as having some great attractions to see. Enjoy learning about its history through places like Fetteresso Castle, a 14th century building where there has been discovery of prehistoric and neolithic pottery and artefacts.

Longer drives

Regardless of where you are, no visit to Scotland could be complete without a trip to the capital. Edinburgh can be reached from Aberdeen in around two hours and 45 minutes, and it's well worth the drive down the A90 to get there. See the glorious Edinburgh Castle, walk the Royal Mile and make sure to catch one or two street performers to soak up the most perfect of all tourist atmospheres in a city that is truly unrivalled for culture and history.

Alternatively, step away from the tourists and get a sight of what the real Highlands of Scotland are all about with a drive along the A96 to the Cairngorms National Park. Not only is the drive through various forest areas and hilly roads just the most spectacular you could hope to see, but you'll also be able to experience the beauty of the Cairngorms itself. For more adventurous visitors, Ben Macdui offers quite the climbing challenge, while others might fancy a visit to Aviemore, Braemar and Blair Atholl, all beautiful in their own unique and quintessentially highland ways.

Top attractions to visit in Aberdeen

When you come to Aberdeen, there are so many ways to enjoy the city that you will be more than spoiled for choice. Whatever you choose to do, you will be able to truly make the most of a fantastic city and see the delights it has to offer.

Maritime Museum

Down by the harbour, the Maritime Museum is the ideal place to delve into the links Aberdeen has with the sea throughout its colourful history. Take a step back in time and wander through the whaling and shipbuilding industries, through to the fishing past that helped shape Aberdeen and the more modern oil and gas industry that makes it what it is today. It truly is the best way to see what makes Aberdeen tick.

Aberdeen Art Gallery

It may be a city that is all about the sea, but that doesn't mean Aberdeen doesn't have something else to offer culturally. The grand facade of the Aberdeen Art Gallery is quite a sight on its own, but inside you will find a marble-lined interior that is home to fantastic works linked to the city, with particular attention paid to Scottish artists, such as Gwen Hardie, Stephen Conroy, Trevor Sutton and Tim Ollivier.

St Machar's Cathedral

Finally, if you want to see some of the wonderful architecture that shapes the skyline of Aberdeen, then look no further than St Machar's Cathedral. This amazing structure was built in the 15th century, and has many fantastic features, chief among which are its impressive twin towers and its quite breathtaking ceiling design, home to 48 shields from noblemen, kings and other important figures from the 16th century.