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Hiring a car from St Moritz airport

Pick up your hire car at St Moritz and head for one of the world's most chi-chi skiing destinations.

60-second guide to St Moritz airport

in its own head

"As the mountain playground for the uber-rich, we're all about luxury skiing, luxury dining and the most fashionable freeze-wear fashion."

but more realistically

There is a still a definite whiff of wealth to this Swiss Alp resort, but an increase in accessible tourist options means that although it still looks a million dollars you don't necessarily need to be a millionaire to enjoy it.

the vibe

Having been touted as the elite Swiss resort for decades, the ambience here is distinctly cool. This is snow sophistication at its best.

the natives

As a definitive resort town, which boasts far more renters than full time residents, expect to find an eclectic mix of local aristocracy, hard-core snow bunnies, outdoor enthusiasts and the odd celebrity.

the weather

Despite being one of Switzerland's most prolific ski resorts, St Moritz averages 322 days of sunshine each year, making it a perfect all-year round getaway.

the local speciality

One word: Fondue. You really can't visit the Swiss Alps without sampling this mouthwateringly good national dish. You simply won't find it done better anywhere else in the world.

the celebrity

A home-from-home for many a celebrity. Tennis ace Boris Becker opted to use the breathtaking scenery as the backdrop for his wedding to Dutch model Lilly Karssenberg.

did you know?

According to Swiss fondue tradition, if a man drops his bread into the pot he has to buy a bottle of wine for the table.

they say

"St. Moritz stands for a 'chic, vibrant and elegant' town, second home to the rich and famous, enjoying a special atmosphere and a dry, tingling champagne climate!" - www.magicswitzerland.com

5 to see in town...

Hauser's School of Chocolate

What better way to spend a day than surrounded by chocolate?! Hauser's School of Chocolate offers a unique educational experience for all the family and, as it culminates in taste testing, you simply can't say no.Where to park?Park in Via Traunter Plazzas.Morteratsch

Morteratsch Alpine Cheese Dairy

Prefer savoury cuisine? Then opt for this insightful cheese making hub - you are in the land of the fondue after all! Why not also pick up a selection of traditionally made cheeses from their shop.Where to park?There is parking in Alp Schaukaserrei Morteratsch

St Moritz to Corviglia

The funicular railway which runs from St Moritz to Corviglia, offers the chance to sit back and take in the mesmerising mountain scenery. At the top you'll find a restaurant with great views and there's also some excellent skiing.Where to park?You'll find parking at both ends of the funicular railway.

Upper Engadine sledding

The joy of sledding, as opposed to skiing or snowboarding, is that you don't have to be particularly skilled at it to take part. So head to the impossibly beautiful Upper Engadine area and throw yourself onto the thrilling 2.6 mile run.Where to park?There are plenty of parking spaces available.

Cresta Run toboganning

For adrenaline junkies, this bobsleigh run, which is the last remaining natural ice run in the world, starts from a geological formation known as the Leaning Tower' of St Moritz and hurtles down to the village of Celerina at speeds of up to 88mph.Where to park?Parking is available both in St Moritz and Celerina.

and 4 to drive to...

Swiss National Park

Get back in touch with nature at Switzerland's only national park, which not only boasts a lush green sanctuary but is also the largest protected area in the country. With any luck, you can see ibex, chamois, golden eagles and the re-introduced bearded vulture.How to get there?Take route 27 for the 45-minute drive to the park.

Silvaplana Castle

Immerse yourself in history at this small, stone 19th-century castle on the shores of pictureaque Lake Silvaplana, which stands at the intersection of a number of winter sports resortsHow to get there?A short, 10-minute, five-mile drive down Route 27

Davos Klosters ski trail

Centre of one of Switzerland's largest and oldest ski areas, there are many ski trails on offer at Davos Klosters. A particular highlight is the 2.5km night trail which will provide you with a distinctly unique story to tell when you get home.How to get there?Davos Klosters is a 41-mile drive north on Route 27. It should take around 75minutes.

Chiesa in Valmalenco ski resort

With St Moritz being so close to Italy, it's a short drive across the border to this serene Italian village, perfect for year round outdoor activities, and set in a beautiful alpine environment surrounded by forests and streams.How to get there?A drive of around one and three-quarter hours down Route 29