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Hiring a car from Perugia airport

Peruse pretty Perugia at your leisure once you've picked up your hire car at Perugia airport.

60-second guide to Perugia airport

in its own head

"Forget Florence and Rome, Perugia is the artistic capital of Italy. Whether it's churches, frescoes or music you're after, the Umbrian capital has it all."

but more realistically

While Florence and Rome might just pip it in terms of cultural significance, Perugia is still worth a visit. Few places can boast architecture that's been so well maintained for over 400 years.

the vibe

It's not all ancient buildings and churches. Perugia is a lively student town, with a buzzing cultural scene. It's also home to the annual Umbria Jazz Festival.

the natives

With two major universities in the city, you'll find plenty of fun-loving youngsters rubbing shoulders with the steady stream of tourists.

the weather

Expect hot weather if you're visiting Perugia between May and September, but bring a woolly hat and scarf if you're travelling between November and March.

the local speciality

Perugia is a chocoholic's paradise. Local firm Perugina exports sweets all over Italy, and there's a chocolate festival held every October.

the celebrity

St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of Italy and animals, was born in the nearby town of Assisi back in 1181.

did you know?

Perugia sits almost exactly at the centre of Italy.

they say

"It's only just over the hill from ever-so-holy Assisi, but Perugia is a buzzing, civilised town with a violent past, full of intrigue and Papal murders, birthplace of the Flagellants, who made whipping a religious pastime." - Catherine Pepinster, travel columnist for The Independent

5 to see in town...

1. Duomo

This spectacular cathedral houses frescoes by the city's favourite son, artist Pietro Perugino, who lived in Perugia during the late 1400s.

where to park?

Leave your hire car in the parking area on Viale Pellini, then catch the escalator up to the city centre. It's €1 for the first hour and €1.25 per hour thereafter, or you can opt for a tourist fare at €8.90 for the day.

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2. Arco Etrusco

The ancient Etruscan arch is likely to be one of the oldest things you're ever likely to set eyes on - the wonky gateway dates back to the 3rd century BC.

where to park?

Viale Sant'Antonio, a 210-space car park, costs just €1 per hour. For a quick visit, some street parking can be found on Via Elce di Sotto (from €0.05 for 20 minutes) or Via Pascoli (from €0.25 for 12 minutes).

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3. Fontana Maggiore

The ornate fountain was built to celebrate the completion of an aqueduct that brought fresh water to the city, back in the 13th century. It'll put that birdbath you've got in your back garden to shame.

where to park?

The most central, but also the busiest and most expensive parking in town, can be found at the Mercato Coperto (entrance from Via delle Conce). The charge is €1.25 for the first hour and €1.65 for any additional hour.

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4. Palazzo dei Priori

It's pretty hard to miss this grand building on the city's main piazza. Parts of the impressive Palazzo date back to the late 1200s, so there's no shortage of history here.

where to park?

From the car park on Via Tancredi Ripa di Meana, elevators take you straight to the heart of the city. Pay when you leave if you choose the per-hour fee (starting at €1), but you'll need to pay on arrival to take advantage of the cheap daily rate.

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5. Rocca Paolina fortress

This 16th-century fortress has seen plenty of action over the years, but head underground and it gets really interesting - beneath its floors lie some dark medieval streets.

where to park?

The citadel is conveniently reached with escalators from the large car park at Piazza Partigiani, by far the most best option for tourists. Pay €8.90 on arrival and forget all about your car for the rest of the day.

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and 4 to drive to...

1. Lake Trasimeno

Away from the city centre's cobbled streets is the fish-rich Lake Trasimeno, which is dotted with picturesque villages and ancient castles.

how to get there?

A 30-mile journey west from Perugia along the Raccordo Autostradale A1. The lake is just after Magione.

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2. Carsulae Roman ruins

One of the most important archaeological sites in Italy, the Carsulae is home to numerous ancient monuments. Back in the golden age of the Roman empire, it attracted wealthy tourists, kind of like an old-school Saint-Tropez.

how to get there?

Hit the southbound E45 for 60 miles and it takes you all the way to Quadrelli. After, take a left to Acquaforte.

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3. Temple of Clitunno

This small temple was built in the 5th century. While its builders might not have been expecting a big crowd to attend services there, they certainly didn't hold back when it came to making the place look pretty.

how to get there?

The south-east bound SS75 becomes the SS3 at Foligno. Keep going until you see a signpost for Pissignano then do a left onto the SP457.

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4. Benedictine Abbey of Sassovivo

Take a stroll around this beautiful and serene 11th-century Benedictine abbey and you might be tempted to don some sack cloth and become a monk.

how to get there?

Get onto the SS75 and head south-east towards Folignol for 30 miles. At Folignol head east for three miles until you come to the abbey.

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