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Hiring a car in Oslo

Ask most people to picture Oslo, and they will come up with an image in their head of a snowscape so beautiful and natural that it almost seems untouched by the modern world. And while this natural majesty is something that typifies the Norwegian capital, Oslo actually has so much more to offer visitors, with the natural landscape clearly having had some input into the inspiration those who have built the city into what it is today have drawn.

Nowhere in the world does natural beauty link so well with the built up modern world. Amidst the forests, lakes and hills, the city is perfectly carved, with modern architecture, museums and art galleries making the Norwegian city a surprise package on a world scale when it comes to being a centre for modern art and culture. So if you want a holiday that mixes both the more rural and urban delights that would often need two holidays to complete, nowhere is better than the beautiful city of Oslo.

What you need to know

The simple mix of what Oslo has to offer visitors means that having a car hired is the very best way to see it. Sure, you want to see everything that the city itself has to offer, but there's nothing better than knowing you have that freedom to simply jump in the car and get out of the city, driving only a short distance to find the majestic natural delights such as forests, lakes and mountains. It really is the best way to create the perfectly mixed holiday. And, of course, it can get cold in Oslo (-7C in winter) at certain times of year, so having a car to get around is often the most sensible option.

Before you happen to fly to Oslo, why not first look to get yourself a hire car through Holiday Autos? Our easy booking tool means you can have the opportunity to compare prices of any car you wish, which means not only are you searching out the best prices, but also finding the car that will meet your own personal needs, and all without any stress. You also know that you can cancel any time free of charge, so you have that peace of mind when booking with Holiday Autos.

Where to pick up your car

When you arrive at Oslo Airport (OSL), you will be able to pick up your car and be on your way in a few minutes. The airport is smaller than most, so it will be easy to find your car hire desk in the arrival hall when you touch down and collect your luggage. You will be on the road in no time at all and ready to discover the delights of what the city of Oslo and beyond has to offer.

Of course, Oslo Airport is not the only airport in the city. Because it is Norway's capital city, it is home to a number of different travel hubs, but you can rest assured that if you fly into either Torp or Rygge airports, finding your hire car and collecting the keys will be an easy job, and you'll be exploring the fjords and forest before you know it.

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  • “The pick-up was easy, it took 5 minutes from arriving at the desk to driving out the car, and the return took even less time.”
    Diane T

Where to go

Once you have your keys and the car is packed up with all your luggage, all that remains is to decide where you want to explore in and around Oslo. With skiing, art, natural beauty and modern culture abound, the only difficulty will be choosing which one to try out first!

Nearby Oslo

Some of the finest places to drive around Oslo will take you into the most beautiful ski resorts you can find anywhere in the world, many of which will give you a different sort of vibe to that which you might expect to find in busier places. One example is Kronsberg, located just an hour from Oslo. Here, you will find perfect white downhill courses to delight skiers of all levels of experience, and the views are to die for.

However, skiing isn't for everyone, and thankfully there's still plenty to do if the winter sport does not tickle your fancy. Why not head an hour and a half out towards Fredrikstad? This historic town is one of the most beautiful in Norway, with a tremendous quayside and the most spectacularly preserved fortress, giving you a great way to step back in time and see what helped shape Norway into the beautiful country it is today.

Longer drives

Of course, hiring a car from Holiday Autos means that you are not restricted to places that are just nearby to Oslo. In fact, you will have the freedom to visit most of Norway and to experience what it is that makes this Nordic delight so special. One option is to head to the scene of one of Norway's proudest sporting moments. In 1994, the town of Lillehammer hosted the Winter Olympics, and more than two decades later it remains as a museum to this famous time. Here, skiers with some experience can try some more adventurous courses, while those without the mind for the piste can head up into the mountains to explore the legends of the trolls that reportedly inhabit the Norwegian countryside. You can reach Lillehammer from Oslo in a little over three hours, making it the perfect place to drive on your holiday.

Another fantastic place to drive to from Oslo is Beitostolen, which is one of the most ideal places for taking the kids if you happen to be holidaying as a family. Around three hours from Oslo, here you can allow the kids to take skiing lessons, visit the play areas or simply have a drive along the beautiful tree lined roads that will mark the route into Beitostolen.

Top attractions to visit in Oslo

When you come to Oslo, there's so much to see and do in the city and around it that you'll simply be spoiled for choice, especially with your car hire unlocking so much of the country for you to see. But there are some things that you just can't miss when in Oslo.


It would be a pity to come to Oslo and not experience some of the colourful historical moments that make the country of Norway so unique. In the Norse Folkemuseum, you will find one of the most unique ways to look at history. This is not just a museum; the sight is home to nearly 200 buildings, brought to Oslo to show the different parts of Norway in all their glory. You can take a walk through the authentic 16th and 17th century streets and really feel like you are taking a legitimate step back in Norwegian time.

Fjord cruises

There's no shortage of companies offering to take visitors to Oslo on a tour of the Fjords that sits outside the city, and it would be a mistake not to indulge in at least one of these when you visit. Oslo Fjord cruises are the very best way to see what natural beauty the city has to offer, and on your relaxing boat trip you can take in the forests, the hills and the feeling of being enveloped by the most serene natural landscapes that can be found anywhere in the world. It has to be seen to be believed.

Walk through time

No city in Europe is faster growing than Oslo, and while some might see it as a negative that the city is so welcoming of change and new buildings, a simple guided walk through its streets can show you that this is not the case. From the opera house and Kvadraturen from the 16th century to the more modern art galleries and office buildings, see how the city's architects wonderfully blend the city of contrasts, bringing modern and historic together to make the most unique and attractive city in the whole of the country.