Hiring a car from Larnaca airport

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Hiring a car from Larnaca airport

Located on the southeast coast of Cyprus, Larnaca is one of the busiest and most popular destinations on the island. From here, the southern parts of the island are easily accessible, however, since the Turkish invasion in the 1984 the northern regions remain under Turkish occupation and hire cars cannot travel across the border without specialist insurance and permission.

Why hire a car at Larnaca airport?

That all-important first mile: driving out of Larnaca airport?

Larnaca airport Q&A

Where are the car hire desks?

Although it’s the largest airport on the island, Larnaca is still quite small so finding the car hire desks in the terminal building should be easy.

What should I buy at duty free?

The climate in Cyprus means it’s a perfect fruit-growing environment. While you can’t really bring a suitcase of figs back, you can pick up some jars of Cypriot jam. Yum.

Are there any cashpoints?

Cash machines are available, but there is often a queue. Take some Euros with you so you can avoid wasting time at the airport, when you could be getting on with your holiday.

Where's the best place to eat?

The Atrium restaurant in the departures lounge serves up hot and cold snacks and meals.

The secret tip

If your plane lands from the east and you’re sitting on the right-hand side of the plane, keep an eye on the ocean. Just 1500 metres from the shore, beneath the waves lies the 600ft long, 10,000 tonne Zenobia, a ship which sank on its maiden voyage carrying 108 articulated lorries. It has now become one of the best sites for diving in the world.

Larnaca airport the gateway to...


Distance: 32 miles

The capital city of Cyprus is the only one in the world to remain divided. A green line splits the city, separating the south, from the north which is occupied by the self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of Cyprus. This division has existed since 1974 and is often of little concern to tourists. You can cross the border here on foot but it’s not recommended. Check the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) travel website before you go for updates.


Distance: 42 miles

This town on the south coast is perfect for families. Aside from the great beaches, there are water parks for the kids (young and old) castles for the history buffs, shopping for the ladies plus horse riding, zoos, restaurants and so much more.

Troodos Mountains

Distance: 45 miles

This mountainous region is just a short drive inland and offers an insight into traditional Cypriot ways of life. Here, the villages operate at a slower pace while the landscape goes largely untouched and unchanged - it’s visiting places like this that make renting a car from Larnaca Airport such a good idea.