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Located on the island of Kyushu in Japan, Saga is the capital of Saga Prefecture and neighbours Fukuoka, which is around 30km away. It is an area of great natural beauty and has even been compared to parts of Australia in terms of its environment.

What I need to know

You shouldn't find it too difficult to organise Saga car rental, as a number of different providers operate in the area. It's simple to search for a suitable package through our dedicated car hire comparison site, plus we offer free cancellation and 24-hour support for added peace of mind.

Where to pick up my car

Where you collect your Saga car hire vehicle will depend on which provider you choose, as each will have its own offices. However, you might want to organise pick-up from the airport if you fly in. Saga Airport) (HSG) serves the city, but Fukuoka Airport (FUK) is also close by. Osaka Airport is another possible option.

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  • “The pick-up was easy, it took 5 minutes from arriving at the desk to driving out the car, and the return took even less time.”
    Diane T

Where to go

Saga is a mostly overlooked part of Japan in terms of tourism, but this is a shame. Its active volcanoes, lush valleys, traditional villages, great food and cultural attractions make it the ideal place to visit and drive around, off the beaten track, for a really different holiday experience.

Nearby Saga

There are lots of places to drive to around Saga, including Dazaifu which is famous for its temple. The monument is seen as a good luck charm by many. Hakata is also just under an hour's drive away and boasts a fascinating folk museum.

Longer drives

If you're keen to really hit the roads and explore, you won't be disappointed. From Saga, you can reach Fukuoka in an hour and seven minutes. You can also visit the Yoshinogari Remains in around the same drive time, where you'll find the remains of a third century BC ringed-dugout settlement. And don't miss Nagasaki, where the impact of the atomic bomb still looms large.

Eating and drinking

There are numerous local delicacies in Saga. Raw horsemeat is popular on Kyushu island, as is the dish of pig intestines with miso soup. You can also sample ramen with delicious broth. For the less adventurous, there will also be plenty of sushi on offer.

Things to do

The Saga Castle Historical Museum is well worth a visit while you're here, as it showcases the largest reconstruction of a wooden building in Japan. You should also check out the stunning views on offer from the highest point in the city and the hot springs of Ureshino.


Sightseeing in Saga mostly revolves around the beautiful views, so ensure you pack your hiking boots. You can admire the picturesque Kakurintei Tea House, which is a traditional establishment overlooking a pond and is quintessentially Japanese. There will also be wonderful cherry blossoms, depending on the time of year.