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Car hire in Sorrento

Car hire in Sorrento

Sorrento is a beautiful coastal town in the Bay of Naples, looking across to the city and up to the smouldering Mount Vesuvius. With warm weather most of the year, fine beaches, and a wealth of culture, Sorrento is both a great place to stay and a fine base for touring a fascinating part of Italy.

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There are several Sorrento car hire firms to pick from and using the Holiday Autos tracker we can find the best deal for you. As well as discovering the best car hire services in Sorrento, we can offer free cancellation and 24-hour service to help you join the five million customers we have served in over 170 countries.

Where to pick up my car

Sorrento's car hire firms are based in the centre of the town, mainly on or near the main SS145 road. Those picking up a car via an airport car hire firm can do this at Naples Airport (NAP), either in the terminal or on Viale Comandante Umberto Maddalena.

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  • “The pick-up was easy, it took 5 minutes from arriving at the desk to driving out the car, and the return took even less time.”
    Diane T

Where to go

Sorrento is located on the Amalfi Coast and this offers some superb local walks to lofty vantage points with stunning views. The town and area have some wonderful beaches and there are also some historic churches, including the cathedral and the church of St Francis, which incorporates a convent.

Nearby Sorrento

Vesuvius dominates the northern skyline and is an hour away by car. Pompeii is three quarters of an hour away, displaying its remarkable excavated ruins from the famous eruption of AD79, when the whole town was buried under volcanic ash the centre of Naples is just over an hour away.

Longer drives

Those touring the southern half of Italy can see some wonderful cities and other sites. Rome is just over three hours away, while the Adriatic port city of Bari is three-and-a-half hours away. The attractive city of Foggia is just under three hours away.

Eating and drinking

The Sorrento area is a wonderful one to enjoy traditional Italian dishes based on pasta, tomatoes and red meat, with plenty of great local seafood. The area also has several wineries, so as well as trying the local vino, it is possible to visit some wineries too.

Things to do

Sorrento's wineries include Enoteca Societa Lago SNc, Azienda Vinicola de Angelis and Cantine Stinca, all of which provide a great chance to combine wine tasting with discovering the secrets of great winemaking. Other enjoyable activities include taking a scenic boat ride around the Bay of Naples.


Apart from Pompeii, there are many other Roman sights to see, such as the Villa di Pollio Felice. The Museo Correale di Terranova in the heart of Sorrento has a variety of relics from the history of the area. There are also many lofty views to be enjoyed from the SS145 road as it winds around the peninsula.