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Car hire Bari

Hiring a car in Bari

The town of Bari in Italy seems almost like two separate destinations. You have the lively new areas with an active nightlife and great boulevards, which contrast with the quieter historical sections of the town. The local population is quite young, due to the large university, so you'll be sure to find some vivacious bars and restaurants.

While Bari is often overlooked by travellers heading to Lecce or Greece, the town is certainly worth a visit. In the old town, you'll find a great relaxed atmosphere and some interesting attractions, including a beautiful castle.

The second largest town in the south of Italy, you can see all that Bari and the surrounding region has to offer by picking up a hire car upon arrival.

What you need to know

You've got a lot of choice in terms of car hire companies in Bari, with more than a dozen operating in the town, depending on where you want to collect your vehicle. The majority of companies are rated as 'excellent' and 'very good', ensuring you get the best possible service,

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Where to pick up your car

Those flying into Bari can collect their car at Bari Karol Wojtyla Airport (BRI) and get started with your holiday straight away. You'll find the majority of companies operating at the airport have their desks in the terminal's arrival hall. A few offer free shuttle bus services to their offices.

If you're arriving by rail, you'll find the company Maggiore operating at Bari Train Station. The pick-up point is located just outside so you shouldn't have any trouble locating your car. Other companies also operate throughout the town, so it is worth checking where their offices are located prior to booking in order to find the most convenient option.

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Car Hire Reviews Bari

  • “The pick-up was easy, it took 5 minutes from arriving at the desk to driving out the car, and the return took even less time.”
    Diane T

Where to go

Whether you want the energetic holiday that the newer area of Bari offers you or are looking for the relaxed vibe of the Old Town, you're sure to have a varied time in this area of Italy. From historical sites that are beautifully grand, to great restaurants with a stunning cuisine, Bari is definitely a great place to visit.

With car hire, you can explore all that the town has on offer as well as heading out into this lovely area of Italy. There are a number of great towns and attractions nearby that will help fill your holiday with fun and adventure.

Nearby Bari

You can take in more history than just the Old Town when staying in Bari, as the ancient city of Egnazia is just 50 minutes away via the SS16. The 13th century BC city was a Bronze Age settlement until it became a Roman city. As well as the ruins of the city, the site also features a museum that offers an overview of the area and allows you to see some of the interesting items that have been excavated.

If you fancy a break from the coast, head inland via the SP231 to the Alta Murgia National Park. There are six different sightseeing routes you can enjoy through the park, taking you through areas of stunning natural beauty as well as historic ruins and castles. The park is the perfect destination if you fancy an easy hike.

Longer drives

There are a lot of great towns to visit in the Puglia area of Italy, all of which are within driving distance or Bari. One that is definitely worth the drive is Alberobello, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town is known for its conical stone huts that are the only form of building in the area. You can reach Alberobello in around an hour via the SS100 and the SS172.

Not far from Alberobello is the beautiful town of Locorotondo, which you can reach from Bari via the AA16 in an hour or so. The beautiful town has intricate labyrinths of stunning white-washed buildings that feature ornate balconies. The locals tend to decorate their properties with bright flowers, making Locorotondo a really lovely place to explore.

Top attractions in Bari

Ensure you make the most of Bari by heading to some of its top attractions, which is made much easier by investing in a hire car.


You can't visit Bari without heading to the west side of old town to explore the Castello. While the castle was originally constructed in the Byzantine-Romanesque period, it has had more work done to it over the centuries. You can learn all about this by visiting the museum that now occupies it or take in some art at one of the temporary exhibitions.

Lungomare Nazario Sauro

There's nowhere better to take a relaxed morning or evening stroll than the seafront promenade of Lungomare Nazario Sauro. The beautiful area sweeps down from Old Town to Mole San Antonio, offering gorgeous views and a refreshing sea breeze. When you reach Mole San Antonio, you'll find a modern art gallery and another promenade, which is the perfect route if you want to visit Porto Vecchio to see the fisherman unloading their catch of the day.

Piazza Mercantile

If your idea of bliss is sitting out in the sun and enjoying a meal or a good cup of coffee, there is nowhere better to go than Piazza Mercantile. This beautiful square close to Borgo Vecchio has numerous restaurants and cafes that offer outdoor seating. It is also a popular place among the locals so you'll find a great atmosphere here in the evenings.