Hiring a car in Italy

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Hiring a car in Italy

Driving a hire car in Italy is not for the faint-hearted but driving is the best way to discover the real Italy. Take in some opera, wine and architecture and don't be afraid to toot your horn - its rude not to. Cheap car rental is the best way to see the country and our guide will give you some great ideas of where to go in your car hire. Book cheap car hire in Italy today - we've great rates all year round.

60-second guide to Italy

in its own head

Without Italia, the world would never know art

but more realistically

The world would have art without Italy, but it would be missing the Mona Lisa, The Birth of Venus and all of the paintings in the Sistine Chapel. It would also be missing the piano, the bicycle, the jetboat and the pizza.

the vibe

There's a noticeable difference in atmosphere between the north and south of Italy. Car rental in this beautifully diverse country is your answer to experiencing it all.

the natives

Italians adore the family; if you travel with yours expect to be heartily embraced by hospitable locals. If you travel alone, it's possible that you'll be adopted.

the weather

Expect the weather to be much like ours, only nicer. Expect colder temperatures in the north, warmer temperatures in the south, with plenty of sunshine and rain in between. Pack socks and sandals - wear them together if you wish in the countryside, but not in the fashion capital, Milan.

the local speciality

If this is your first trip to Italy, prepare to be overwhelmed by the choice and variety of pasta. The range of shapes, flavours and accompaniments on offer makes ordering quickly almost impossible.

the celebrity

Some of the world's greatest engineers and artists have come from Italy, most notably Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio and Botticelli.

did you know?

The average Italian consumes half a pound of bread a day. Well, what else are you supposed to mop up all that pasta sauce with?

they say

In few places do art and life intermingle so effortlessly

Top destinations

car hire in Rome

Rome. A giant, outdoor museum.Do not forget your camera. Wherever you go there'll be something to snap. The Colosseum, Vatican City, Spanish Steps - the list goes on.Book hire car in Italy and drive to the famous town of Assisi. Had enough of churches? Live it up with the rich and famous on the Almafi Coast.

Top driving tip

Be careful. The traffic lights are turned off after midnight.


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car hire in Venice

Venice. See if you can explore it without getting lost - not many can. A trip to Venice is not complete without a gondola ride down the Grand Canal.For a night at the Opera, arrange a car rental vehicle and head west to nearby Verona.Opera not your cup of tea? How about a spot of mountain hiking? Book Italy car hire and drive north to the Dolomites and the upmarket town of Trento.

Top driving tip

Being built on water, Venice is practically a no car zone. The best idea is to see the sights then pick your hire car up from the airport on the way out


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car hire in Sicily

Visits to Sicily are usually done so with an open mind - you'll find no neon-blazed theme parks here. There are 10 locations where you can pick up your car rental. Now all you need is a map.Fancy taking in some history? Take advantage of our cheap Italian car hire and head east to Taormina and watch a Greek tragedy unfold.Take your appetite with you. Sicily is almost as famous for its cooking as it is for its mafia dons.

Top driving tip

Watch out for donkeys on the motorways.


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car hire in Sardinia

Sardinia. You won't find the bucket and spade brigade here.Beaches will be swamped in summer months. Don't let that put you off - just book cheap car hire Italy and get away from the crowds.Booking car hire is easy, we've 10 different pick up locations on the island.Most Brits head to Alghero. But if you want to get down and dirty in the Roman ruins, head to the capital Cagliari.

Top driving tip

Be cautious. Many of the roads are deserted but that doesn't mean there won't be anything just around the bend.


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car hire in Turin

Turin. Home to Fiat cars and the Sacra Sindone (Turin Shroud to you and me). It's also a great place to book cheap car hire and explore northeast Italy.Take the short drive north to the base of the Alps for a spot of hiking and a dip in a thermal spa.Prefer to keep your clothes on? Head to one of the many castles in the region in your Italy hire car. Turin is surrounded by them.

Top driving tip

If someone wants to overtake you they will - get as far over as you can.


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car hire in Naples

You'll find no piece and quiet in Naples. Chaos is the norm for this energetic city. You can understand why - the city is shadowed by a bubbling volcano.For a touch of history, visit the ruins of Pompeii. Just jump in your car hire and head east.After all that doom and gloom take advantage of our cheap car hire in Italy and drive down the Almafi Coast for a spot of over-indulgence.

Top driving tip

Watch out. Stopping at traffic lights is more of an option than a rule.


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car hire in Milan

Home to fashion, football and the beanbag. Milan is a great base for booking car rental and exploring the surrounding region. Feast your eyes on Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper before you go.Book cheap Italian car hire and catch a ferry over to Lake Como. Make sure you have your camera to hand - George Clooney has a house on the lake.Feel like a joust? The medieval city of Bergamo is only a short drive away.

Top driving tip

You may be tempted to re-enact The Italian Job in your hire car but don't. Driving in the city's Palazzos is not allowed.


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