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Car hire in Derry

Car hire in Derry

The historic city of Derry in Northern Ireland sits on the River Foyle and has a number of attractions to visit in your hire car. Should you wish to venture further afield, the A2, A6 and A5 roads spread out from the city, allowing you to explore in all directions.

What I need to know

There are many Derry car rental companies to choose from, meaning you can easily find the right car to suit your needs. Compare car hire deals on our site to work out which one will be best for you. Enjoy the added peace of mind in knowing you have 24-hour customer assistance and free cancellation if your plans change.

Where to pick up my car

When choosing your Derry car hire firm, take the pick-up points they offer into consideration, so you can find the most convenient one for you. There are city centre options, locations a little more outside of town and the opportunity to pick up your car from Derry Airport (LDY) if you are flying in.

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  • “The pick-up was easy, it took 5 minutes from arriving at the desk to driving out the car, and the return took even less time.”
    Diane T

Where to go

Derry is unique in that it is surrounded by a complete set of 17th-century walls. You’ll want to explore these, including the gates and bastions, while taking in views of the historic buildings within and the Donegal Hills outside. Enjoy the riverside setting of Derry and marvel at the bridges that connect the two parts of the city.

Nearby Derry

One of the best things to do in Northern Ireland is the Giant’s Causeway and being based in Derry means you’re just over an hour’s drive away. With 40,000 naturally-created interlocking basalt columns, it’s hard not to be impressed by this rugged piece of coastline.

Longer drives

A little further away lies Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland and the birthplace of the Titanic. Explore the renovated docklands and impressive museum, which was opened to commemorate the iconic ship’s sinking. Alternatively, you could drive over the border into Ireland and discover the charm of Dublin and its famous literary inhabitants over the years.

Eating and drinking

Northern Irish food is particularly hearty, with the likes of Irish stew, champ and soda bread still found in many places. There are lots of options in Derry if you wish to try such local dishes, although you will also find cuisine from all over the world at its fantastic array of restaurants.

Things to do

The first thing you’ll want to do in Derry is walk a complete circuit of the walls, which date back to 1619 and are 1.5km in length. Then head to what has become known as The People’s Gallery. It consists of 12 murals painted onto the gable ends of houses on Rossville Street and is the best way of finding out about the social history of the area.


There’s no shortage of fascinating sights to see in Derry, with historic buildings in abundance. Among the ones to look out for are St Columb’s Cathedral from 1633; the 1890 Guildhall; and Long Tower Church, dating back to 1784. Another cathedral, St Eugene’s, was built to commemorate the end of the Great Famine and construction began in 1851.