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Car hire at Reykjavik Airport

Car hire at Reykjavik Airport

Reykjavik Airport (RKV) is located in Vatnsmýri, which is just 7.7km away from the centre of Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland, via Route 49. It takes around 15 minutes to motor from the airport into the city. It is very close to Keflavík International Airport (KEF).

What I need to know

There are a number of Reykjavik Airport car hire suppliers to choose from. Compare car hire using the Holiday Autos site to select the best vehicle for your trip offers the benefits of free cancellation, customer support and no credit card fees.

Where to pick up my car

The Reykjavik Airport car rental offices are located in the arrivals hall, making it an easy transition from picking up your luggage to setting off to explore Iceland.

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  • “The pick-up was easy, it took 5 minutes from arriving at the desk to driving out the car, and the return took even less time.”
    Diane T

Where to go

As the capital city of Iceland, Reykjavik is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations - and it’s just down the road from the airport. Iceland is also known for its enchanting natural features, some of the most beautiful of which can be experienced at Vatnajökull National Park.

Nearby Reykjavik Airport

It takes just 15 minutes to drive from the airport into Reykjavik, where visitors can experience Icelandic history, culture and tradition. In just 30 minutes by road you can reach Reykjanesfólkvangur - a nature reserve boasting lava formations, crater lakes, bird cliffs and geothermal formations.

Longer drives

A road trip in Iceland allows you to experience some spectacular scenery that travelling in other ways would not. Take the 3.5-hour trip north to experience the famous Westfjords or motor all the way to the stunning blue icebergs of the Jökulsárlón lagoon in 4 hours and 40 minutes.

Eating and drinking

Iceland is famous for its fish-heavy cuisine, with two traditional varieties being ‘saltfiskur’ - or salt fish - and ‘harðfiskur’, which translates as ‘stock fish’. Some of the more quirky Icelandic dishes include eating shark and singed and boiled sheep’s head.

Things to do

Visitors to Iceland should not miss a trip to see the world-famous northern lights, and should also take a dip in a blue lagoon spa. In Reykjavik itself, there are plenty of cultural opportunities, with a constant stream of festivals being held in the quirky city.


Nature-lovers should visiting Reykjavik should take a trip to the remarkable Krýsuvík geothermal area, while history enthusiasts won’t want to miss Hofsstaðir historic park Viking longhouse and Höfði House, which is considered one of the most historic and beautiful constructions in Reykjavik.