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Car hire in Hamburg

Hiring a car in Hamburg

Hamburg has always been somewhat in the shadow of Munich and Berlin when it comes to attracting tourists, but the way that the city has changed over the last few years has meant it becoming more of an attraction than ever before, and definitely somewhere that's well worth heading to at any time of year for anyone into shopping, nightclubs, cultural hotspots and a general fast pace of life.

The metropolis that is Hamburg is mostly brought to life by the fact it is home to more than 17,000 students, one of the biggest populations in Europe. This helps to give it that diverse feel as a city that makes it unique, and really sets it up as something of a party town. But that's not all Hamburg has to offer. Even if you're looking for some retail therapy or the chance to soak up some genuine German culture, you're sure to find just what you're after in Hamburg.

What you need to know

In the summer months, Hamburg is a pleasant place to be, and many of the younger people living here will choose to walk or cycle around the centre of the city. However, if you want to see everything on offer, it's always best to hire a car. This is particularly advisable in winter, when the warm summer temperatures really give way quickly, replaced by sub zero temperatures that will make you glad of the warm comfort of a hired car.

No matter when you choose to hire a car for your trip to Hamburg, it is always the best idea to book online in advance. Our Holiday Autos booking tool is easy to use and allows you to pick the right car for your needs, comparing prices from over 1,500 suppliers to find the very best price as well. And if you change your mind at any time, we offer amendments and cancellations for free, as well as 24/7 support.

Where to pick up your car

Picking up your car in Hamburg is easy when you arrive, meaning you won't have to wait to start your holiday. You'll be on the roads and discovering everything Hamburg has to offer before you know it. When you fly into Hamburg Airport (HAM), you will be able to find the majority of car hire companies located in the arrivals hall at Terminal 2, making it easy to get your car on the road within minutes of touching down in the city.

If you arrive in Hamburg by train, it's also easy to pick up your car, simply head to the main concourse at Hamburg Rail Station and you will find it simple to identify all of the most popular car hire desks, where staff will only be too happy to help you get driving and heading off into the city and beyond.

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  • “The pick-up was easy, it took 5 minutes from arriving at the desk to driving out the car, and the return took even less time.”
    Diane T

Where to go

Whether you are looking to party with the locals or soak up some of the culture that you have heard so much about from Hamburg, when you have picked up your keys and your car, all that remains is to get out there and choose where you want to go!

Nearby Hamburg

Car hire in Hamburg means you can see so much of the surrounding areas, as well as enjoying the delights of the city itself. For example, if you're here in summer, why not take the opportunity to drive the half hour it will take you to get to Elbe Beach? Here, you can enjoy a quieter beach away from most of the tourists, allowing you to truly relax in the sun or enjoy a cool drink in the cafe, overlooking the beautiful beach and water.

Alternatively, why not get involved in some particularly countryside activities? Not too far from Hamburg, you will find a high number of farms, the most picturesque of which are located on the reclaimed marshes at Altes land. You can get involved here and pick some cherries for yourself on the farms, and all within half an hour of Hamburg. It really allows you to feel like part of true rural Germany.

Longer drives

Having hired a car from Holiday Autos, you will also be able to enjoy the freedom that comes with it, opening up Germany and allowing you the chance to see things you wouldn't be able to without a car. One great place for anyone visiting Hamburg to drive to will be Sankt-Peter Ording. Around two hours from Hamburg, this is a surprisingly quiet and attractive little seaside town on the North Sea coast. Take the opportunity to have an ice cream or wade into the sea, but make sure it's warm enough first!

Slightly further out again is Segeberg forest, home to the Trappenkamp Adventure Park. Located around two hours from Hamburg, this setting is perfect for all families, what with its raft of activities and adventures for the kids to get involved in. It's a shady forest that will also be ideal for adults, giving you the chance to snap some pictures that will just look perfect on Instagram, no matter what time of year you choose to visit.

Top attractions to visit in Hamburg

When you come to Hamburg, there's so much to see and do. Choose whatever meets your tastes best and rest assured that Holiday Autos can help you see it all with your convenient car hire.


Hamburg may not have the history of its two bigger compatriots in Berlin and Munich, but that doesn't mean there's not some fantastic architecture to see. From the 19th century ornate Rathaus to the wonderful and striking Chilehaus office block, built in the 1920s and resembling a huge ship, there seems to be something eye opening on every corner when you come visiting Hamburg.


Retail therapy is a huge favourite among locals in Hamburg, and you can get involved at a number of the most popular spots in the city, taking in some boutiques and niche clothing shops that will offer something different than what you might find back home. Head to the Alster Arcades to find some perfect little coffee shops and some of the most happening boutiques found anywhere in Germany.

Rickmer Rickmers

If you're going to do history, it's best to do it right, and this is something that Hamburg has committed to big style in recent years. The city is home to Rickmer Rickmers, a 19th century sailing boat which is now moored in the city and serves as a permanent floating museum, looking at the history of Hamburg and its link to the seas. A really great place to get away from the rush of the metropolis, and an ideal place to visit for all ages.