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Hiring a car in Corsica

Describing itself as a 'mountain jewel set in the middle of the Mediterranean', Corsica seems to jut almost unapologetically out of the sea, making itself known as one of the flashiest and yet most relaxed holiday destinations found anywhere in the continent. Secluded and opulent, Corsica is home to some fantastic ways to spend your holiday, whether you enjoy heading to the beach and swimming in the sea, or partaking in some fantastic sun-kissed hikes around the national park that makes up most of the island.

The changes that take place as one drives across Corsica are almost reason enough to visit the beautiful island. Take the journey by car from the beaches and coastal havens that line the seaside, and head inland, where within the space of just half an hour you will see nothing but change, with deep valleys, mountains and beautiful scenery becoming a reality seemingly out of nowhere. It's a fascinating island that stands unmatched in Europe, and it's a place that anyone with even a passing interest in nature just has to visit.

What you need to know

Driving in Corsica is well documented as being a challenge, but for those willing to accept the challenge, it offers some of the very best rewards around. Driving in Corsica will mean navigating your way along some tiny narrow little roads that wind their way around mountains and over the coast. While this can make for a challenge and lead even experienced drivers taking their time to make sure they get it right, it's entirely worth it. The north to south route on the east coast in particular offers drivers the chance to see some truly spectacular views as they snake around the mountain, taking in unobstructed views of the Mediterranean far below.

Despite there being a challenging road network to work your way around, Corsica is fully recommended to tackle by car, mostly because public transport can be somewhat unreliable, and it's far too difficult to tackle by foot over longer distances. If you are planning to come to the island, make sure you have booked in advance to get the best prices through Holiday Autos. You will be able to compare prices easily, meaning you have the best chance of finding the cheapest deals online through our easy booking engine.

Where to pick up your car

When you're coming to Corsica, there are a number of different airports that you may be flying to. Of the four airports on the island, each will be home to car hire desks in the vicinity, even though they might not have the capacity that larger mainland airports have to facilitate these indoors. As well as this, you can pick up your car later, with there being a number of car hire locations dotted along the north coast of Corsica in particular.

Each of the four main airports in Corsica - Calvi, Bastia, Figari Sud Corse and Ajaccio - serve different areas of the island, but regardless where you should happen to land, you will find excellent service from the car rental companies in operation there. What's more, you know that with Holiday Autos, you can call us 24 hours a day and take advantage of our support, which will assist you whenever you have any issues of which to speak.

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  • “The pick-up was easy, it took 5 minutes from arriving at the desk to driving out the car, and the return took even less time.”
    Diane T

Where to go

One of the best ways to enjoy Corsica is to make a holiday of driving through the whole island, north to south, to see the varied landscapes and types of nature that inhabit this wonderful holiday hotspot, and you can do this by starting your holiday in Bastia. From there, Corsica is your oyster, and you will always find something to do and see to keep you feeling delighted.

Nearby Corsica

Car hire on Corsica means being able to see so much more of the island than you would if you decided to stay in one resort, and the freedom you get can mean even short journeys allow you to discover something amazing. For example, from Bastia, a short hour or so to the west will mean taking in L'ile Rouse, a fantastic little seaside fishing town that personifies all that is Corsica. Here, you can enjoy some of the brilliant seafood on offer, or just enjoy the quaint and serene ambience the town offers.

A little further south down the famous north-south route is Calvi, located in the west. Known as one of the grand cities of Corsica, this setting has everything you could need for the perfect holiday. From the wonderful beaches that just beg to be sunbathed on to the 13th century fortress and traces of Roman occupancy, the history of Calvi is every bit as exciting as the beach that makes it such a popular location with tourists.

Longer drives

If you're starting in the north of Corsica, one of the best things about having a hired car is that you have the freedom to head south and really enjoy the whole of what this lovely island can give you. From beaches and coastal towns in the north to inland valleys and national parks, there is simply everything you could ever want to see on Corsica, and all can be reached within just a few hours. It's the perfect way to see the island, and the quintessential driving holiday.

Head south from Bastia and set a course for Ajaccio. To this location, you can either take the beautiful mountain trail down the west coast, or if you prefer, choose to tackle the island through the middle, drinking in the true gorgeous majesty of the national parks, green areas and plunging valleys as you make your way south to one of Corsica's largest and most happening cities. The drive alone is worth it.

Top attractions to visit in Corsica

Regardless of where you end up on Corsica, there will be something to see and many many things to do. Choosing what best suits you will be the hardest task, and you will have to try your best to even fit everything in.

Gorges de Spelunca

One of the most beautiful natural settings in Corsica, and its deepest natural gorge, the Gorges de Spelunca is the perfect place to spend any day when you feel you want to get more in touch with nature. As well as the breathtaking sights, you can enjoy hiking aplenty in the gorge, and on a hotter summer's day, you will even be able to join locals and tourists alike in partaking in some fresh water swimming, making for the perfect way to spend your day.

Terra Vecchia

In Bastia, you will be able to find the Terra Vecchia, one of the most happening little array of streets anywhere on the island. Here, you discover a little maze of narrow streets that cast you way back in time, and here the locals host street markets on weekends, allowing you not only to see what local culture is like away from the tourists, but also to indulge yourself and buy wares and food from those who know what it's like to truly live the Corsica lifestyle.

Aiguilles de Bavella

Back on the natural beauty front, Aiguilles de Bavella is one of Corsica's most imposing, stunning and beautiful sights. Here, you can see spiky mountain crests looming over the coasts, perfect for pictures, and you might even be able to see some of the sheep who dare to wander along the 'needle' points that make up these stunning mountains. These are like nothing you will ever see anywhere, and well worth a visit for anyone driving in Corsica, whatever the weather.